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We only have one chance for a first impression. This old saying might pass for a cliché but holds true for reception areas. Even though no one enjoys the experience of waiting, it’s something we do, and sometimes for pretty extensive periods. Recent studies reveal that the average person spends about 21 minutes in a reception area.

That’s why the impact of a reception area can be a make or break experience for your brand. It’s what dictates the big difference between a one-time-only visitor and one who comes again and again. Most office owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the details behind the creation of a comfortable and welcoming reception space. We pieced together some tips to help you take the guesswork out of the whole process.

Comfortable Seating

The first and most critical part of your reception is the seating; not only is it the first thing visitor will see, it defines how at ease they will feel. Uncomfortable seating is just as good as no chairs! In fact, they can make the wait time seem longer. As an office owner, that’s definitely the last thing you want when welcoming a potential business partner or investor. Make sure your guests feel welcomed by investing in quality sofas or single seats (for those who don’t like to feel cramped in a single seat).

A Touch of Color

The color of the seats you choose can have a strong influence on the way visitors feel. If you’re designing a doctor’s reception space, you might want to choose calm colors such as blue or green. In other areas such as a salon, a bright pink color may tell your customers know that they’re going to get pampered. While choosing colors, don’t forget to include the colors associated with your company. If you’re unsure of the color that suits you, contact us at Kings Furniture, we will be glad to help.

A Friendly Layout

Nothing screams unprofessional like having a guest weave through a maze of boxes at the reception. Packages are left at the reception space on a daily basis. It is important to have ample space to store such items until they can be picked up. Additionally, place furniture away from the door so that people won’t get cold on chilly days. You can also consider displaying some nicely arranged reading materials for visitors to pass time while they wait.

We’re Not Done Yet: Used Reception Furniture

At Kings Office Furniture, we want to transform your reception space into an inviting environment where you can welcome your clients. Whether a person is coming for the 1st time or the 100th, they should always feel welcomed. That’s why we have a dynamic selection of new and used reception furniture at affordable prices.

Our second hand reception chairs are the secret to creating the ultimate waiting spaces. We also do have a number of leather armchairs, which fly out of the showroom at an exceptional rate. Our goal is to ensure your reception space is aligned with your brand. Think of it as giving your business an established feel while transforming your reception space and doing wonders for your pocket!

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