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refurbished herman miller chairs

Herman Miller chair is the most prestigious brand in the designer office furniture market. The brand has a wealth of history for providing quality Herman Miller chairs that stand the test of time.  They are known in the business and residential market for their clean-cut designs ergonomic build and durability. Herman Miller is stocked across the globe and can be found In some of the most trusted department stores.


Are Herman miller chairs comfortable?

If you are working for long periods of at a desk in front of a computer, we are sure you would have come up against an uncomfortable chair that has caused you pain when working and after. An uncomfortable chair can cause bad posture and can be associated with long term spine and shoulder damage. When purchasing a Herman Miller chair, you are buying a chair that has been designed with your health in mind. There are multiple chairs in the range, and they all have differences from size to posture settings. The Herman Miller range has taken great care with its ergonomic design to ensure every single one of its range is built with a high usage user in mind. Herman Miller understand the importance of comfort and how each person will need slightly different support from a chair. The Herman Miller range are fitted with multiple adjustments to ensure a unique comfort for the end user.

Types of adjustments available across the Herman Miller range –

  • Forward Tilt
  • Rear Tilt
  • Tension Control
  • Three-Way Adjustable Arms
  • Lumbar Support
  • Breathable Mesh


Forward Tilt: Adjusts the angle of the seat the front of the seat being able to tilt u or down this is proven to reduce the pressure on the lower back and creates proper posture when set correctly. Sitting with the correct posture and can alleviate blood flow to the legs and feet.


Rear Tilt: Rear tilt allows you to set how far back the chair can recline this is designed to improve proper posture as you move on the chair throughout you working day.


Tension control: This controls the tension in the seat and is a personal preference on how much support you like or need to maintain your posture in the correct manner.

Three way adjustable arms: allows you to position your armrests at exactly the right height angle and width increasing your comfort when taking on any desk related task.

All these adjustments have been designed with the comfort and posture of high used end user in mind.

How much is each style of the Herman miller chair?

As explained Herman Miller are a luxury brand with a formidable reputation for style comfort and durability buying a new Herman Miller Chair in any model can come with a price tag.


The two most popular chairs in the Herman Miller range are the Aeron & Mirra chair brand new the Aeron has a starting price of £1048 and the Mira starting from £730 per chair. The high price tag can push many businesses out the market but at Kings Office Furniture we specialise in providing high quality fully refurbished used Herman Miller chairs.

How much can you save when buying a used Herman Miller chair?

If you where to purchase a full spec Herman Miller Aeron, you would on average spend £355.00 at Kings saving you or your business £750. With a Herman Miller Mirra you could expect to pay £295 saving over £400 per chair.


What is the best Herman miller chair?

Herman Miller has been producing quality chairs for many years and has crafted 25 durable and stylish chairs. The two biggest sellers for us are the used Herman miller Aeron and Mirra but as many used office furniture dealers would agree the iconic chair is the Aeron.

Why is the Herman Miller Aeron good for your back?


The tilt mechanism is probably one of the best features for your back. This is due to the movement it ensures that your core muscles are kept active while maintaining your posture. You are able to adjust the tension of the char to make it harder or easier on your core depending on your personal preferences.

What is a size b Aeron chair?

The size b Aeron is the standard Herman Miller for a user of the average size. More petite users would tend to opt for the size A and the larger build would opt for a size c.

Kings Office Furniture stocks and supplies a huge range of used and second hand Herman Miller Chairs. We have a huge range of stock and regularly get new deliveries to our used office furniture warehouse based on the south coast.

All used Herman Miller chairs supplied by Kings Office Furniture are refurbished to the highest standard and come to delivered to you at a class standard.

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