Whether you are building office space for a new company or upgrading the existing setup, the first thing you should think about is the budget you can afford to spend on buying office furniture. And in this perspective buying used office desk for you or your employees is definitely the most rational solution.

Only several years ago, businesses didn’t really consider the option of buying used office furniture, wasting lots of money, time and effort on options that forced them to compromise on quality and even safety of their office setup.

Today buying a used office desk is an all-natural mainstream solution for numerous businesses. From international giants to modest local businesses and startups – all sorts of companies come to the marker of used office furniture in search of a second-hand office desk, chair or event the whole office setup.

During the past several years, this idea has shaped into a righteous trend and a concept with numerous followers from all layers of the business community.

In this article, we decided to go through 10 reasons to buy a used office desk that characterize the overall idea of preferring refurbished pre-owned office furniture for your business.


Reason #1 – Lower Prices

Any business is all about money, profiting and smart budget planning. And buying a used office desk is an example of thought through investment onto the business assets.

The second-hand market allows you an unlimited choice of options, models from leading brands and advanced modification of office desks, chairs and storage solutions, all at reasonable prices.

This solution allows you to either buy more pieces, invest in advanced modifications you might have not even dreamt of with your current budget or repurpose the money you save using it for product development, marketing, etc.


Reason #2 – Higher quality

It is a surprising fact for many customers, but buying a used office desk, you get more chances to receive a high-quality item than purchasing a new one.

The idea is that first of all, with lower prices on the second-hand market, you can afford pieces that might have been inaccessible new.

Moreover, once you receive a used office desk, big chance that the previous owner has already discovered and eliminated all the manufacturer’s failures and mishaps, so you will only enjoy all the benefits of your office desk.


Reason #3 – You can get an antique desk on a dime

The second-hand market is full of used office desks that may not look like much but are indeed perfect examples of furniture history and even antique items.

Putting some effort into the search, you may find true gems among second-hand office desks. And investing money you saved into refurbishing and restoration, you get yourself an exclusive piece of antique furniture on a dime.


Reason #4 – Second-hand desks are reliable

Choosing a second-hand office desk, there is a big chance that you purchase an item from the times when things were made to last.

It is not a secret that modern furniture manufacturers often follow the “fast fashion” trends, making their items of lower quality on purpose to encourage you but more in the observable future. Not to mention that they save a great deal of money that way.

Used office desks will be a smart investment for those who are looking for a piece of safe and reliable furniture that will last and serve well for a long time.


Reason #5 – An eco-friendly solution

The furniture industry is the one that is primarily responsible for deforestation as well as air and water pollution.

Furniture manufacture requires massive resources and produces emissions that influence local ecosystems.

Most furniture pieces are being produced abroad. Its transportation is another highly polluting and impactful factor.

By buying a used office desk, you avoid all that impact on the environment. Moreover, it is an example of recycling that keeps furniture off landfills – another massive environmental pollution factor.


Reason #6 – Customization options

You can find truly unique pieces on the second-hand office desks market that fit your style and demands perfectly. Moreover, you can enjoy the effort and creativity of previous owners, who might have already adjusted the desk for you.

At the same time, you can use the money saved from the purchase of a used office desk and invest it into some advanced customization, recolouring, adjustment, etc.


Reason #7 – Floor Models

Floor models are also considered second-hand office furniture and go for the same prices. However, unlike those second-hand office desks that have actually been used in offices, floor models never have the same level of wear-off and are practically as good as new.


Reason #8 – Saving time and money

Transportation and installation is the biggest pain of refurnishing for any company. It requires time, forces businesses to pause their operation, and, of course, comes up with come advanced spending.

When you come to a used office desk, you can receive it within the next 24 hours. Moreover, it will already come assembled and ready for use, so you can get down to work right away and won’t have to pay any additional fees for assembly and installation.


Reason #9 – One-stop-shop

When you are on the market for new office furniture, you have to prepare for some advanced, time-consuming search. You definitely want the office desk to match your chair, shelves and the overall workspace atmosphere. But there is no guarantee that one brand or shop will have exactly everything you need in one place.

The inventory of used office furniture is so wide that by buying a used office desk, you will instantly find a matching second-hand office chair, shelves or wardrobes and numerous other accessories that will help you build a unique workplace environment according to your own style and demands.


Reason #10 – Safety and quality

Even if your budget is strictly limited, you can always buy a high-quality, perfectly safe and comfortable used office desk on the second-hand market. It allows all sorts of companies and businesses to provide their employees with safe and most efficient workspaces within their budgets.


Buying an ideal office desk can be hard. However, once you open your mind to second-hand options, your choice and opportunities become unlimited. Make sure to address a credible seller, and you will get your second-hand office desk without the need to compromise on quality, safety or comfort.