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stacking cair - canteen furniture

ISO Stacking Chair Black Mesh Chrome Frame DY

SKU: CH0202
£46.20 + VAT
In stock
meeting chairs

Brunswick Black Frame Chair with Mesh Back

SKU: CH0043
£69.30 + VAT
In stock
meeting chairs

Brunswick Black Frame Meeting Chair with arms

SKU: CH0042
£72.77 + VAT
In stock
meeting chairs

Brunswick Chrome Frame Meeting Chair with Mesh Back

SKU: CH0041
£76.23 + VAT
In stock
bvisa office chair Visa Meeting Room Office Chair

Visa Black Meeting Room Chair MW

SKU: CH0369
£79 + VAT
In stock
mesh frame visitor chair Mesh visitor Office Chair

Mesh Visitor Chair MW

SKU: CH0368
£79.67 + VAT
In stock
Office meeting chair Meeting chair in red

Nexus Meeting Chair ET

SKU: CH0002
£89 + VAT
In stock
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mesh back office chair mesh back office chair

Denali MB CT Operator Office Chair

SKU: CH0141
£90 + VAT
Re-stocking soon
task operator chairs task operator chairs

Mave Task Mesh Back Operator DY Chair

SKU: CH0264
£102.85 + VAT
In stock
white mesh opertaor chair Black Mesh & White Base Office Chair

Mesh Operator White Frame Chair MW

SKU: CH0367
£107.99 + VAT
In stock
Nova meeting chair Nova meeting chair

Nova Air Meeting Chair White/Chrome Frame ET

SKU: CH0011
£108.90 + VAT
In stock
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Nova blk frameNova blk frame

Nova Air Meeting Chair Black Frame ET

SKU: CH0015
£108.90 + VAT
In stock
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Nova office chair Nova office chair

Nova Air Chair White Frame

SKU: CH0020
£108.90 + VAT
In stock
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Nova office black framNova office black fram

Nova Air Chair Black Frame ET

SKU: CH0026
£108.90 + VAT
In stock
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mesh operator chair mesh operator chair

Black Mesh Operator Chair MW

SKU: CH0359
£109 + VAT
In stock
executive operator chair

Exececutive Operator Chair MW

SKU: CH0362
£119 + VAT
In stock
eclipse 2 operator chair eclipse 2 operator chair

Eclipse Plus II Lever Task Operator Chair Mesh Back DY

SKU: CH0291
From £121.55 + VAT
In stock
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mesh operator chair
mesh office chair in range of colours mesh office chair in range of colours

Calypso Mesh Back Chair

SKU: CH0099
From £128.40 + VAT
In stock
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task operator chairs

Zeus Task Operator Chair DY

SKU: CH0265
£129.25 + VAT
In stock
task operator chairs

Vortex Task Operator Chair DY

SKU: CH0266
£132 + VAT
In stock
mesh exec chair

Mesh Spine Chair MW

SKU: CH0361
£135 + VAT
In stock
mesh meeting chair
relay operator chair relay operator chair

Relay Task Operator Chair Leather Seat DY

SKU: CH0315
£156.75 + VAT
In stock
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mesh black office chair
victor 2 mesh chair

Victor II Mesh Chair DY

SKU: CH0319
£159.50 + VAT
In stock
mesh high back exec chair

Vegas Mesh High Back Operator Chair DY

SKU: CH0230
£163.35 + VAT
In stock
relay air mesh office chair relay air mesh office chair

Relay Airmesh Operator Chair DY

SKU: CH0317
£177.10 + VAT
In stock
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exceutive victor chair

Victor Executive Chair DY

SKU: CH0320
£180.95 + VAT
In stock
Mesh office chair

Cobham Mesh Office Chair

SKU: CH0024
£195.20 + VAT
In stock
mesh back office chair

TENMC Mesh Back Operator Chair MW

SKU: CH0365
£199 + VAT
In stock
ergo twist mesh office chair
Office seating

Sanderson Operator Chair

SKU: CH0025
£207.21 + VAT
In stock
portland 3 mesh back office chair

Portland III Mesh Back Chair DY

SKU: CH0333
£211.20 + VAT
Re-stocking soon
mesh office chair

Lula Mesh Meeting Chair DY

SKU: CH0246
£214.50 + VAT
In stock
Mesh Operator chair

Mesh Operator Chrome Base Chair ET

SKU: CH0010
£261.45 + VAT
In stock
mesh back cahir

Quavo Mesh Back Meeting Chair 4 Pack DM

SKU: CH0339
£270 + VAT
Re-stocking soon
dosum office chair
stealth mesh chair

Stealth II Airmesh Chair DY

SKU: CH0335
£435.60 + VAT
Re-stocking soon
Mesh is a very modern material in office chairs. Among many, the most important benefit of mesh is the temperature dissipation. The chair does not hold the body heat, but allows it to be vented away with the airflow through the mesh. This not only relieves the user from unpleasant sensations during work, but also benefits the skin health. While the chair is unoccupied, mesh is slightly transparent, which is often exploited by chair designers to craft stunning, innovative pieces, giving the office a cutting-edge, futuristic look.

When you are building a business today, one of the wisest investments you can make stems from seating. Giving staff the right kind of seating can help to balance their posture and improve physical comfort. However, when you want chairs which are lightweight, modern, and suitable for both staff and visitors, our new mesh chairs make perfect sense.

With a range of chairs designed specifically for use in offices, our new mesh chairs make a fine choice for keeping the heat down. During those warm summer days, sitting in a thick chair can make life difficult for staff. With mesh chars, though, you can find it far more comfortable and breathable than you would have previously expected. Mesh is the ideal choice for something modern, reliable, and sturdy.

And with our range of new mesh chairs, you should have no problem at all in finding a design style that you are going to fall in love with. The chair makes a good choice for numerous reasons, purely because it does not allow for body heat to build-up in the same way. The meshing allows for better breathability, meaning that staff can simply get on with the day and avoid that needless build-up of heat.

Transform your office with new mesh chairs

We have numerous chairs to choose from in our range of new mesh chairs so you should have no problem finding a design you like. Our chairs are made using only the finest mesh, too, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping, cracking, or fraying whatsoever. Now, you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience of having new mesh chairs that allow your staff to work in comfort.

While UK weather isn’t exactly conducive to year-long heat, keeping your staff comfortable during the day is vital. When a chair begins to build up a huge amount of heat, it can become deeply uncomfortable for anyone who is sitting down. With mesh chairs, though, the air can flow around the body and thus the chair does not store the same kind of heat. That is very useful for those hot, muggy summers that can make it tough for staff to concentrate.

If you are looking for a way to cool down the office without having to really make any major structural changes, then a simple investment in some of our new mesh chairs can be just what you are looking for to find an active, proven solution.

Reduce body heat and discomfort with new mesh chairs

At Kings Office Furniture, we are all too aware of the importance of good quality office chairs. That is why our range of new mesh chairs make sure you can always pick from something that benefits your sense of comfort. On top of that, you will no longer feel so uncomfortable in the office, and you know that you are left with something that looks stylish, fresh, and modern.

For chairs that look great, fit a more minimalistic style, and provide better temperature regulation, take a look at our new mesh chairs today. Get in touch with our team at 0845 521 9070, too, if you need any help, advice, or support.

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