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New Filing Cabinets

7 products

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executive filling cabinetsContract Filing Cabinets DM

Contract Filing Cabinets DM

SKU: ST2022
From £182.11 + VAT
In stock
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executive filling cabinetsExecutive Filing Cabinets DM

Executive Filing Cabinets DM

SKU: ST2034
From £202.29 + VAT
In stock
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White filling cabinet

White 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet NB

£204.07 + VAT
In stock
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two three an dfour drawer fillingTwo, Three & Four Drawer Filing Cabinets DM

Two, Three & Four Drawer Filing Cabinets DM

SKU: ST1945
From £236.26 + VAT
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mw office cabinets mw office cabinets

Filling Cabinets MW

SKU: ST1902
From £240.11 + VAT
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executive filling cabinetexecutive filling cabinet

Alto Executive Side Filling Cabinet MW

SKU: ST1874
£340.50 + VAT
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two drawer office drawers two drawer office drawers

Two Drawer Side Filer DM

SKU: ST1940
£373.58 + VAT
In stock
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New Filing Cabinets Collection of 14 filing cabinets of various sizes

Are you in the process of trying to build a host of new office storage features? Then providing staff with their own filing cabinets makes a lot of sense. From regular forms that need to be filled in to copies of key data, you can use a range of new filing cabinets to utterly transform the shape and style of your office in one quick movement. One of the biggest things you will find about our new filing cabinets, though, is that they come in so many looks and styles.

At Kings Office Furniture, we know that not every place of work is going to have the same layout or theme. That is why we have so many forms of filing cabinet to pick from. If you want to buy some filing cabinets that feel good to work with, these modern options can fit your needs. We have single-cabinet options as well as multi-cabinet filing options. This allows you to diversify the kinds of filing cabinet that you buy. At the same time, it can go a long way to making sure you can easily give staff a bit of extra storage space.

That extra space can be utterly essential to developing and building your business to a higher level overall. It can make staff more productive, avoid loss of property and data, and reduce staff travel time. With everything they need stored at their desks, staff can get more done without having to go from room to room.

Boost productivity, improve security, and minimise the risk of data loss with a range of new filing cabinets that are designed to really make a positive impression.

Need a hand in picking out new filing cabinets?

Then do not hesitate to ask our team at Kings Office Furniture for information and advice. We are happy to give you any help that we possibly can with regards to the development and selection of the best filing cabinets. Take a look today, then, and you can see for yourself why our varied selection of new filing cabinets can be such a good place to start. With products ranging from the small to the stylish, we can help you to solve almost any storage headache that you have in your office.

At the same time, we know that it can be tough to go ahead and make a choice. Filing cabinets are such a big part of the decision making process for any office owner. Do you want to keep everyone in the one place? Do you want desks to give your staff everything they need in the one workspace?

If that is the case, then you should definitely take a look at contacting our support team. All it takes is one free phone call to 0800 6522 809, and our friendly can arrange everything you need as soon as possible. Let us know what you need, and we can arrange the ideal new filing cabinets for your personal requirements!

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