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Kings Office Furniture has been trading used office furniture for over 22 years (as of 2021). Throughout those 2 decades we've sold hundreds of thousands of used office desks, second hand office chairs, preowned office storage units of all sorts and other office furniture items. Every single unit we bought and sold saved one unit alike from being fabricated in a factory. It also saved it from going to a landfill.

There is a certain amount of carbon footprint that goes with every item produced. According to the research by the Furniture Industry Research Association the values for products we sell on everyday basis are as follows:

  • Office Task Chair - 72 kgs of CO2
  • Desk High Pedestal - 28 kgs of CO2
  • Steel Pedestal - 44kgs of CO2
  • Cupboard - 31kgs of CO2
  • 1600mm x 800mm Wave Desk 63 kgs of CO2
  • 6 People Bench Desk - 228 kgs of CO2

It's easy to see that a single person workstation can have the carbon footprint of nearly 180 kgs, and that's just the furniture, not counting electronics nor stationery!

Since 1999 Kings Office Furniture sold enough furniture to save approximately 44,712,360 kilograms of CO2.

To give a perspective for this number, it equals to
british airways boeing 747-400 plane
3,577 flights around the whole world with a Boeing 737-400
drone aerial photography of forest
the number of CO2 captured by 2,235,600 trees in a year!
As you can tell, buying used office furniture can make quite a difference for the environment.

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2. https://www.climateneutralgroup.com/en/news/what-exactly-is-1-tonne-of-co2/


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