An executive desk is the face of your business. This piece of furniture is not just your workplace but also the centerpiece of your office, the place where you receive visitors, customers, prosperous investors or business partners.

Buying refurbished executive desks is a popular trend that allows the business community to recycle the furniture efficiently and support each other. It is also an excellent opportunity for various businesses to take their game to the next level by buying high-quality branded executive desks.

In this article, we shall go over the main features you should look for in an executive desk to get a truly functional and personable piece of office furniture.


How big should an executive desk be?

There is no particular standard for an executive or any other kind of office desks. However, it is essential to consider the size of your office and how much space you need for work.

Buying used executive office desk, you can research particular models on the Internet, ask fellow business owners when and how they used such desks, and the possible pitfalls of each modification.

Except for the tabletop’s size, you should consider the desks’ height. You will have to sit behind this desk for several hours per day; it is crucial that your executive desk is tall enough and does not alter your healthy posture.

Some executive desk owners adjust their desks according to their height and customize them. Consider it while shopping for your used executive desk.


The aesthetics

Once again, an executive desk is the company’s face. It should correlate with the office interior, the company’s image and, of course, your taste.

Many owners customize their executive office desks, add some decorative features, handles, additional storage options, carving and more. It makes those piece genuinely unique and turns the idea of buying a used executive desk into an ultimate investment.



Most people think that a quality executive desk is the one with some advanced storage options. Being responsible for the company’s operation, you should have all the essential documents as close as possible. However, more and more business owners keep to the minimalistic approach and prefer to reduce executive desks` storage options to avoid paper hoarding and mess.

It is essential to consider such options when you buy a refurbished executive desk. If the storage is not enough or vice-versa too extensive, you may need to invest some more time and money into necessary modifications.


Advanced surface

Some executive desks have advance tabletops that roll out when you need them. It may instantly turn your office into a brainstorming room where you hold the team’s meetings or provide you additional surface if you have to deal with blueprints, posters, etc.

Those may be original or customized options. Make sure that you ask and aware of them if you decide to buy a used executive desk.


Roll tops

Some consider roll-top desks pretty archaic. Indeed, they look like something vintage and therefore classy and sophisticated.

However, a roll-top is a great safety feature and a way to make sure that you will never lose important documents or gadgets. You close it when you leave your workplace and have peace of mind that an employee, a cleaner or visitor won’t grab some important paper, pen, contract or any other important belonging, or it won’t get blown off with the wind or air-conditioner stream and lost forever.

For some additional peace of mind, you can close a roll top with a key. Also, a roll-top is an excellent opportunity to make your workplace look nice and tidy in a matter of several seconds once some unexpected visitors arrive. No matter how messy your executive desk might look, close the roll-top and nobody will be able to see the mess.


Buying an executive desk may be a massive step for you and your business. By purchasing a used executive desk, you get a chance to enjoy the quality and exteriors of branded office furniture on a budget and get access to a vast inventory of well-adjusted and maintained executive desks. Some owners manage to turn them into antique arts; others enhance their functionality by adding or adjusting storage and surface options. However, the choice is up to you; therefore, to get the perfect used executive desk for your business, it is essential to determine your own needs and expectations and look for a desk that would fit them perfectly.