Buying second hand or refurbished office furniture has numerous advantages. One of them is the opportunity to buy genuinely high-end quality branded items for the same price that you would pay for standard new pieces.

Therefore, if you are already looking for used office furniture near your location, consider upgrading your expectations and check out refurbished offices chairs and other furniture pieces from brands like Herman Miller or alike.

There are several advantages of getting such furniture for your office:

  • High-end office furniture is made to last;
  • Branded office furniture improves your image and raises credibility in the eyes of employees, visitors or business partners;
  • Such office furniture often comes with advanced adjustment options so you can arrange a truly comfortable and safe workplace for you and your employees.

While branded high-end office furniture does not come cheap, the market of used office furnishing offers you an opportunity to get precisely what you want without compromising the items' price and quality.

Let's go over the main reasons to consider branded refurbished office chairs and other furniture for your business.



For most businesses buying second-hand office furniture is a way to optimize budget and repurpose the money they save to use it for marketing strategy, product development, etc.

However, buying refurbished office chairs or second hand branded office furniture is also a way to get advanced items on precisely the same budget.


Quality guarantees

Today's market of used office furniture is highly diverse. However, it mainly consists of low-cost items that are still in perfect condition and will serve you long if you buy them from a credible seller and pay attention to each item before the purchase.

Used branded office furniture such as refurbished Herman Miller office chairs can save you a lot of time and effort as it is built to last. Its materials, assembly and construction are often more durable and reliable. Therefore such second hand office furniture, in a way, guarantees you higher quality and longer lifespan.


Customization options

Refurbished office chairs offer you more customization options than new items. While the previous owner must have already eliminated all possible manufacture defects and faulty mechanisms, all you are left with is to adjust the construction and looks of your second hand office furniture according to your demands and taste.

In other words, the market of refurbished office furniture allows you to get branded high-end items that feel and look like they were made for you personally.


Make a correct impression.

When you only start your company, it is crucial to create an image of a credible partner that people will want to associate themselves with. When a prosperous customer or an investor walks into your office, they build their opinion about your credibility and professionalism mainly from the office location and setup. And we all know that you won't have a second chance to make the first impression.

However, starting a business is a costly process. You will have to invest in product development, marketing, advertising and many other crucial things depending on your industry and company type. That is the reason why buying second hand office furniture is such an intelligent solution, especially for startup and new businesses. But if you pay attention to refurbishes office chairs and other branded items, you get a chance to save money and create a more advanced image for your business from the very beginning.


Investment into assets

Buying office furniture is an investment for any business. In this case, the efficiency of your investment will depend on how long the used office furniture will serve you, what kind of maintenance it will require and what price you may ask for it if you decide to resell it.

With refurbished branded office furniture, you significantly enhance the pay-off perspectives of your investment into the workplace setup. Such furniture traditionally lasts longer and does not require any severe adjustment or repair, and when you decide to sell it for some reason, you may instantly ask higher price based on the brand.

It is essential to understand that office furniture, just like any other assets, depreciates with time. But if you may not be able to resell a low-cost office chair after 5-7 years, while a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron will still worth significant money.