Kings Office Furniture was approached by an insurance broker company based in London. The request was to furnish an 18m x 7m office space with 22 workstations.The customer wasn't sure how to best fit in such number of work spaces and asked for our recommendation.

Office with second hand furniture in Richmond.

We've advised our customer to go for used white single bench desks with pedestals and cable trays. For seating, the customer decided on used spine high back black mesh operator chairs. Additionally we fitted grey desks screens to partition opposing sided of bench desks.

Side view of a six position used bench desk with pedestals and used office chairs in Richmond.

All desks have cable management cut-outs and are equipped with under-desk cable trays. This ensures the workspace is tidy and limits trip hazard.

Desks are accompanied by black, mobile, lockable, three drawer pedestals for extra storage.

The total cost per position came to £267 + VAT delivered.

If our customer bought brand new instead of second hand, they would have to pay around £800-£900 per position, and they would not have help limit the CO2 emissions.

Just look at those desks and chairs, they look like new anyway!

Our team have completed the job swiftly and the customer gave us very positive feedback. If you like this office setup feel free to comment on this article or browse our stock of used office furniture to find something for your office.