Earlier this month, Kings Office Furniture was approached by a small Islington business with a request to furnish their new office area.
The job was easy as requirement were simple: office desks were supposed to be white with yellow divider panels and the the price was to be kept low. The specific colour of dividers was to match the company's general colour scheme. Our sales team easily chose the right desks, chairs and pedestals from our broad range of stock of used office furniture. When specific items were agreed we arranged a delivery and installation service.

Delivering used office furniture

Our team of experienced installers loaded our vans and drove off to Islington, near The Angel. Upon arrival, our guys unloaded all the office desks, chairs pedestals and cupboards and proceeded with the installation. Since the new room was completely empty, the whole on-site operation was done swiflty. Installing bench desks is what we do on a daily basis, so the owner of the business was surprised when we completed the work before the lunch break.
All the furniture we installed was used office furniture so whole fitout was relatively cheap. As we later found out, the price of our furniture with the delivery and installation service was under 20% of the best quote on brand new office furniture! Furnishing an entire office can sometimes be a costly undertaking. Not only was this a this a big saving for the company, the process of arranging it was a breeze.

Buying second hand office furniture online

With our online store, you can just add the furniture you like to the cart, and go to checkout. When you fill your details in, we will contact you within minutes and give you a price for the delivery and installation. Our customers often compliment us on how easy it is to buy used office furniture online from us.

used office desks and chairs in Islington office, delivered by Kings Office Furniture

Used office furniture in London

Kings Office Furniture fulfills orders for used office chairs, desks and other second hand office furniture in London on a daily basis. Usual time between placing an order and fulfilment is 2-5 working days. We offer the top quality products only. We carefully select items we put up for sale. Every product comes with a 1 year warranty.