Used office furniture in Kensington, London

If your business is located in the heart of London, you can consider yourself lucky on one hand. On the other hand your costs for upkeep of your office are among the highest in the country. Equipping the office in furniture is a cost incurred by businesses every 5-6 years on average. You have probably already explored all avenues for cutting expenses, and it likely you think used office furniture can save you some money. And you are right at that!
With second hand office furniture, your Kensington office can save up to 80% every time you buy desks, chairs, meeting tables, reception furniture or office storage.

What about the quality of used office furniture?

Saving money is great of course, but surely there must be some catch, right? Not this time. It is our job to make sure only the best pieces of furniture are sold and we take great pride in our work. This is why we offer a free 12 month warranty with everything we sell. We have been doing that for decades now (since 1999) and we have build a large base of satisfied customers.To be fair, most of office furniture on the UK market is built to strict British Standards, which means it usually lasts far longer than companies who originally buy it. In any case, the furniture we sell might show minor wear marks, but will always be 100% functional and in many cases will be indistinguishable, for most people, from brand new office furniture.

Still not convinced?

Whichever way of furnishing your office you will choose, it will be an expense. You can buy the cheapest furniture from Asian suppliers with no recognisable brand, no customer service and poor warranty. Or you can buy top of the line second hand furniture, that's brand new value is thousands of pounds. Would you rather sit on a generic office seat or a Herman Miller chair, that is second hand? The final bill will be similar, but which option will leave you more satisfied?

Kind to the environment

Times are tough and not everyone can afford to play the green game. Buying second hand office furniture is however a golden bullet in this department. Not only second-hand stops some of the demand for new office furniture it also slows down the generation of waste. And it saves you a ton of money, total win-win. You can get better furniture at a lower price, environmental bragging rights included.


Our vans are in London 6 days every week collecting and delivering office furniture. We can deliver and install your furniture anywhere in Kensington. We can also do a doorstep delivery, if that is what you wish. We're easy, just give us a ring for free on 0800 6522 809. We will work out the most suitable arrangement for you.