Is the prospect of incurring an additional £1000 in expenses appealing to your organization? If so, you may choose to disregard this article.

If, however, you are interested in saving a substantial sum on each office workstation within your organization, please continue reading for further information. The following offers a cost-effective alternative:

Consider purchasing a high-quality, 1400mm wide bench desk, such as the Spanish Dynamobel Tec Work. The cost for this item is approximately £450 + VAT.

Alongside the desk, a comfortable and ergonomically designed office chair is essential. An Eva model from Orangebox, featuring tilt lock, adjustable arms, and a seat slide, typically costs around £750 + VAT.

Additionally, a practical storage solution may be required for each workstation. A slimline metal pedestal with three drawers, fitting neatly under the desk, is typically sufficient. A new unit of this type would cost around £250 + VAT.

Collectively, a brand-new workstation amounts to £1450 + VAT and requires a lead time of 2-4 weeks for delivery. This timeframe considers the ergonomic upgrades included with the chair, as well as the international shipping for the desk. While this investment provides high-quality furniture that enhances the professional atmosphere for employees and visitors alike, the costs may be prohibitive for some organizations.

For those seeking the same caliber of furniture without the wait and at a reduced cost of only £384 + VAT, our website offers a convenient solution.

Please find the necessary links here: [Chair], [Desk + Pedestal]

We provide a 12-month warranty on all products sold, ensuring they are in full working order. Delivery and installation services are available UK Nationwide.

By choosing second-hand office furniture, your organization can benefit financially while also contributing positively to the environment. If you would like to know more, read our complete guide on buying second hand office furniture.