On average your employees spend 1900 hours per year sat at their desks. This is a huge amount of time and shows the importance of ensuring you and your team have the correct office chair for their posture and workload.

When you choose an office chair you need to carefully consider various element not only look and feel but how comfortable is the chair will it support your staffs posture and allow good blood circulation considering these options will ensure that you are looking after your staff’s well-being and you will also be making your DSE assessments more straightforward.

Chairs come with different adjustment options to add additional support where your staff needs it.

Seat Depth Adjustment

This feature is becoming more common and allows you to move the depth of the chair providing your legs further support.

Backrest Height Adjustment

These option adjustments are great for chairs that come with fixed lumbar support and can be useful for the taller members of your team.

360-Degree Swivel

This is a very common feature on an operator chair. Sitting at a desk does not mean you are still and a swivel chair allows you to easily maneuver yourself with the need of twisting you back.

Synchro Tilt Mechanism

This allows your backrest, seat, and arms all move together allowing for a synchronizing tilt option.

Height Adjustment Lumber

This option is great for your employees who suffer from a back problem with height adjustable lumbar support you can move it to support your back.

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