Building a modern office setup is a very important project for any business. Back in the day, people didn`t really think that much about the interior design of workplaces, considering them purely functional, utility spaces. 

Today`s offices pay a lot of attention to the atmosphere and work environment. Modern companies encourage their employees to find a perfect work-life balance and see offices as places where they can exchange ideas with like-minded people, reveal their potential and reach their goals together.

Of course, an office setup plays an essential role in this concept. Modern office furniture is not just functional, but it also pleases the eye with design and decorative elements, helps to set the mood and easily transforms a workspace into a meeting room or a resting zone.

However, there are things in the business community that will always remain unchanged. For example, time is money! No matter how creative and original the concept of your office setup is, it is essential to bring it to life as fast as possible and ensure that the team will not lose its efficiency and the company won`t lose its profits during refurnishing.

That is why it is important to know exactly how much time and effort it takes to furnish a modern office.

In this article, we shall talk about every step of the office furnishing project and how such unconventional solutions as choosing used office chairs can help you cut a lot of corners.

When do I receive my office furniture?

It is one of the main questions you need to clarify making an order. And when you get the answer, make sure to add a couple of days (or sometimes a week) to the date. Unfortunately, delivery might be the weakest point of the modern furniture market, and it is not always the seller`s fault.

Statistically, it may take somewhere between 5 and 7 weeks to furnish a modern office from the moment you place an order until the day you can start working in a new setup.

There are several reasons for such an extensive waiting period:

  • Most office furnishing brands produce their items abroad, and therefore it may take some time for your office chairs to arrive if the seller does not have all the items in the inventory right now;
  • Delivery companies are usually independent businesses with their own logistics; therefore, the seller cannot entirely predict the delivery timeframe;
  • Modern office furniture manufacturers work according to the so-called “Just-In-Time” schedule. It means that they don`t start manufacturing new items until they receive an order. On the one hand, it solves the problem of overproduction in the furniture industry. But at the same time, this approach significantly increases your waiting period.

Of course, you will probably have to spend some time building the estimate and getting approval from the company`s accountant. Market research, communication with the seller and the actual process of choosing the items you need for the office setup may take up to several weeks, which you should add to the numbers we have already mentioned.

It won`t be a problem if we are talking about an office that already worked at its full and employees have all the necessary equipment until the moment new furniture arrives.

But what if you are establishing a new business and cannot start working, receiving customers or processing the orders without a proper setup? Or maybe your old office chair simply broke, and you don`t have an adequate replacement for the time that you will have to wait until a new chair arrives?

Mainly those are the reasons why the modern office furnishing market in London is changing dramatically, focusing mainly on second hand office chairs and other items.

How second hand office chairs save your time and money.

There is a reason why London businesses from different niches choose the market of second hand office furniture over the hassle of buying a new setup today. After several years of financial and social uncertainty, the business community is aimed at the time and money-efficient solutions.

It is pretty obvious that you will save a lot of money by buying used office chairs. For the very same reason, small businesses from Cleveland Street can afford the same ergonomic office chairs as a company that rents an office in The City.

But the main reason why used office chairs are booming on the market today is the amount of time they save for London businesses.

The dealers of used office chairs often have wide inventories with various items from different brands and styles. All you need to do is just find the seller of second hand office chairs next to you, and there is a big chance that you will find everything you need in one place and receive your chairs in a couple of days. In case you have a truck or another vehicle that can carry all the items, you may even take your order out the very same day!