Does your Harrow office need furniture? If the answer is yes, then you could not find a better store. We supply and install second hand office furniture. Why would you want to buy used instead of brand new?

Here is a good reason: used office furniture costs a fraction of what new office furniture costs. You get the same usage out of a second hand desk, as you would from brand new. Sometimes there might be a minor scratch on a used desk, but it will not influence the usefulness of the item. And if you buy brand new, you will get that scratch there eventually. So why overpay?
A solid example:

Lets look at a single person workstation, comprising of a chair, desk and a pedestal for storage:

The total of brand new is £995, while the second hand total is £318. In this example the second hand office furniture saves £677 which is 68% of the new price tag. And when you buy from Kings office Furniture it comes with a 12 months warranty. How is that for savvy?

Another good reason is: Using second hand office furniture helps the environment. When you buy a brand new office chair, the factory, which is a continent away, has to take resources, such as metal, plastic, foam, leather and fabric and add the energy. They take all those things and produce a chair, which is then loaded into a container and transported across thousands of miles. Every resource used and every step of the process emits greenhouse gasses. According to FIRA, manufacturing a single workstation made of a desk, a chair and a pedestal emits nearly 180 kilograms of CO2 (this estimation is based of average emissions industrywide).

When you decide to buy second hand office furniture, all the pollution caused is in delivering the furniture from our warehouse. That's it. Additionally, when a company disposes of their used office furniture they can either re-sell it or put it in a landfill. When their chairs and desks are back on the market, it saves them from becoming waste, thus relieving strain from our waste management.

There are some sellers of used office furniture in Harrow. Most notable would be Morgans Office Furniture and British Heart Foundation shop on St Anne's Road. It is also worth checking local social media pages, such as Facebook groups, Facebook marketplace, ebay listings or local Gumtree ads.

Remember, when buying anything second-hand, you are responsible for inspecting the condition. It is always best to touch, sit and have a look with your own eye, but that might sometimes be difficult, especially if you are using an online seller. In that case carefully look at provided photographs and videos. Don't be afraid to ask for more photos, if something is clearly not visible.


However, if you need a reliable supplier of large quantities of second hand office furniture, who will supply your Harrow office, try Kings Office Furniture.