Did you know there is over three million tonnes of used office furniture put into landfills every year?

About half of this waste is not necessary. Office furniture often ends up in landfills, while it could be reused. Many times companies are forced to empty their offices on a short notice and the easiest way is often by turning good furniture into garbage.

Kings Office Furniture is one of the largest second-hand office furniture suppliers in the UK. We take stock of second-hand office furniture daily

Most companies now have an environmental consciousness and many have policies in place to ensure that business is done with consideration of the environment. At Kings Office Furniture we source quality second hand office furniture across the UK for resale. All our stock is quality checked to ensure that are customers are getting the best quality second hand office furniture at fraction of the price of buying new. So not only is buying second hand office furniture good for the environment it is also good for the bank balance.

Before you throw away large quantities of used office furniture make sure you contact the team at Kings Office Furniture to see how we can help. If this furniture can be reused and we have a market for it, we will be able to help you.

How can buying second hand office furniture help the environment?


The main way in which is by avoiding excessive landfill usage. Office furniture is typically made of laminated chipboard and metals. These components can take several years to naturally decompose causing damage to the environment.

Recycling office furniture is a good way of energy conservation as even though disposing of used furniture uses little furniture, there is a lot of energy needed to produce new furniture for replacement.

When you buy second-hand office furniture instead of new office furniture you are reducing air pollution by skipping the manufacturing process in your supply chain.

Buying Second Hand Office Furniture could not be simpler with Kings Office Furniture

Kings Office furniture only stock the best quality second hand office furniture and we deal in large quantities to ensure that are clients have a great selection of matching furniture for their office.

What types of Second Hand Office Furniture do we stock?

We supply a range of office furniture including desks, storage, executive furniture, meeting room furniture and used office chairs. To view the full range of second hand office furniture click here.