If you are running an office in Barnet and you are in need of office furniture you are likely considering whether brand new or second hand is a better option. We will try to show the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Benefits of brand new office furniture

Benefits of buying brand new office furniture for your Barnet office might seem obvious, but for the sake of journalists integrity, we will name them anyway:


  • Fresh and modern appearance

    • When buying brand new, the furniture will be in mint condition, no scratches, no discolourings, no tears nor dents - guaranteed. It will also be in line with the freshest trend.
  • Customization options

    • Some pieces of furniture can be factory-customised. You can choose from a full range of materials, colours and features.
  • Better warranty and customer support

    • Top end office furniture manufacturers offer an outstanding warranty options. 10-15 years of warranty on high-end office chairs is nothing uncommon. This unfortunately can't be told about cheap new office furniture.


Drawbacks of new office furniture:

  • Price

    • Good brand new furniture can easily cost 2-3 thousands of pounds (or even more) per workstation. You get what you pay for - it is the best office furniture money can buy. When you try to save money however, many benefits are lost.
  • Availability

    • In the current global economy situation lead times on all quality products are very extended. Customisation of furniture also adds to the lead time. Waiting for 20 weeks to get a customised high end chair is not uncommon these days

After this brief overview of the brand new office furniture, it is time to do the same summary of second hand option.

Benefits of used office furniture

  • Attractive price

    • Used office furniture costs a fraction of the new price. The workstation mentioned above would cost around 400-600 pounds second hand. We are talking 70-80% savings here
  • Instant availability

    • Used office furniture dealers can only sell what they physically have. The lead time boils down to how long will it take to load the furniture on a lorry, drive to your site and unload/install the furniture. Bish-bash-bosh!
  • Positive for the environment

    • Giving a second life to office furniture slows down waste production. It also slows down the production of new furniture, which requires energy and resources. Average lifespan of a UK business is about 5 years, which is way shorter than the office furniture on British market is built for. Not taking advantage of that is simply wasteful.

Drawbacks of new office furniture:

  • Shorter warranty

    • While new office furniture comes with a manufacturer warranty, this is void once the furniture is re-sold. The only warranty you can get os from the used office furniture dealer. Not every dealer give warranties, but at Kings Office Furniture every item sold comes with 12 months warranty
  • Lower quality

    • Second hand office furniture sometimes shows minor signs of use. A scratch, slight discolourings or other cosmetic damage might be present.

In summary

If your Barnet business has a lot of cash to spend - go for brand new, it is a bulletproof way to ensure high quality office furniture.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution, buy second hand office furniture. But don't just buy if from anywhere, use a reputable dealer like Kings Office Furniture. You will have peace of mind with our 12 months warranty, high end office furniture and pleanty of savings. If you want to discuss your needs with professionals - give us a ring for free on 0800 6522 809