Bench desks are the best solution for open-plan offices. Pods of bench desks share legs, so they provide more leg room, or space for under-desk pedestals. Great versitility of bench desks come from the fact, they can be arranged into any size pods, as long as the number of workstations is even. Pods of 2, 4, 6 and 8 workstations are most popular. When pedestals and screens are added, bench desks can create full-on individual workspaces at the smallest possible area, without giving the claustrophobic cubicle feeling.

In addition, there are cupboards that work with bench desks, which can provide even more of easily accessible storage space, without taking too much more floorspace.

The ease and multitude of possible arrangements that can be made with bench desks make it a great product for modern, lightweight offices. This style offers a lot of, often underapreciated, space in the office. It also helps with light distibution, which is a known factor in mood and productivity.

Kings Office Furniture is a UK's leading supplier of used bench desks and other second-hand office furniture.  We can also supply brand new bench desks, directly from the manufacturer. Because our stock changes daily, it is always best to contact us on the phone to get the latest stock information and to get the best deal.

Bench desks come in various widths, usually 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm.  That means even smaller office rooms can now be arranged for open plan office settings. This is especially good news for startups, who can now enjoy the optimal office settings without spending a lot.
It is also great news if you have and old fashioned office and want to test the water with the open space arrangement. Buying used desks will save you tons of money and will still give you many years of use.
If you want to maximise your worksapce with the lowest footprint possbile, there is nobetter way than bench desking.

So for a complete range of used desks including used bench desks, visit our used desks category or call for free advice 02380 789978