Whether you are establishing a new office in London for your business or need to renew the existing workplace setup, buying used office chairs is a great way to save time, money and effort on this project.

On the one hand, you will not have to wait for weeks or even months for your newly-purchased chairs to arrive. While a manufacturer will probably have to transport your item from abroad, a seller of the best second hand office chairs may be located in the very same neighbourhood as your office and therefore can send you the items on the very same day.

By buying used office chairs in London, you also get a chance to equip your workplace with high-end items from top brands without driving the business bankrupt. You may even end up with some extra ash that can be redirected for other essential needs of your company.

And while the market of used office furniture may seem overwhelmingly vast, it is very easy to find your perfect item if only you ask yourself the right questions making a choice.

Used Humanscale Freedom Headrest Task Chair

What kind of office chairs do I need?

How many employees do you have in the office? Do all of them spend the entire workday at a fixed workplace? Some media brands or tech companies from Kings Cross may need more comfortable office chairs as such offices are usually dynamic, full of people and accept lots of visitors.

Having an open-floor office, you may also prefer ergonomic office chairs on wheels. It will help your employees move freely and safely through the office and be most efficient.

If you rent a small office, you will probably look for minimalistic office chairs without excessive details, wide armrests, etc.

When you determine precisely what kind of furniture your office needs, it will be very easy to narrow the search and focus on the second hand office chairs that will work best.


Used Black Mesh Operators Chair with Fixed Arms


How many chairs do I need?

There are several reasons to carefully consider the number of used office chairs you want to buy. 

First of all, you need to have enough sitting in your workspace to provide safe and comfortable conditions for your workers. In case you are expecting visitors in your London office, it is also essential to ensure that they have a comfortable waiting area.

Also, most sellers provide additional discounts and special conditions for those who buy second hand office chairs in bulk. In other words, you may manage to save even more money and get a better bargain on your deal.

Not to mention the fact that it is always best to get everything you need in one visit and not have to waste your time and money in the future having to buy more.

Used Herman Miller Aeron Graphite Full Spec with Lumbar

Will I have to invest more money into these chairs?

Fascinated by the prices of second hand office chairs in London, people often forget about some additional investments in those items they need.

Sometimes you may have to adjust or customize your used office chairs, change the upholstery, replace some mechanisms, add or remove decorative elements, etc. You may also want to clean your newly-purchased second hand office chairs thoroughly to ensure their sanitary safety. 

You should also consider how you are planning to transport the chairs to your office. Ask the seller about delivery services and whether they are included in the price. Maybe you will prefer or have to rent a truck yourself. Every small detail and additional cost may turn a seemingly great bargain into an ultimate money pit.

There are many details you need to consider choosing furniture for your London office. And while the vast market of second hand office chairs is a great opportunity to save time and money for your company, by asking yourself the right questions and making truly informed decisions, you will manage to get the most out of this idea and boost your workspace with high-end equipment.

Address reputable sellers, check every item thoroughly and “do your homework” researching the brands and models you consider and possible additional costs. These simple rules guarantee the success of your London office furnishing project.