Do you want to buy high-end ergonomic office chairs for your London office and not go bankrupt? Buy used office chairs. By choosing second hand office chairs in London, you will easily equip your workplace with quality furniture and save a great deal of money for the company.

But before you start Googling "used office chairs near me" and hit the market, it is best to know about some pretty significant pitfalls of the second hand furnishing market.

In this article, we shall disclose the 5 problems you will probably face buying used office chairs in London and ways to avoid them and get the most out of the idea.

Used office chairs come without a manufacturer's warranty.

An office chair, especially an ergonomic one, is a pretty complex construction. To get the most out of it, you need to be sure that all the mechanisms work perfectly and every detail sits firmly in its place. And if something goes off, only a manufacturer can guarantee that your ergonomic office chair will be fixed according to the brand's standards.

However, by the time a used office chair gets on the re-sale market, it probably loses its manufacturer's warranty, especially if we are talking about items over 10 years old.

It may be a real dealbreaker for some shoppers, but there are several ways to avoid this problem. 

  • Many reputable sellers of second hand office chairs in London provide their own warranty and repair services for the items they sell;
  • Make sure to check and test your used office chair thoroughly before the purchase to avoid any unpleasant surprises;
  • Many high-end brands have a lifetime warranty on their ergonomic office chairs. Usually, those are the most expensive advanced models. By buying used office chairs with those labels, you get both a top-rated office chair for cheap and a manufacturer's warranty at the same time.

Customised office chairs

There is a big chance that the previous owner of your used office chair has somehow customised and adjusted the item to their needs. In many cases, you will benefit from these adjustments as they probably eliminate the manufacturer's defects and make the chair more comfortable.

But sometimes, the previous owner's taste and demands may now meet yours and turn out to be a real problem. Especially if, during the customisation process, they used unoriginal parts or materials that are harder to maintain, repair and replace.

The best way to avoid this problem and its effect on your work life is once again to check the chair thoroughly before purchase. A reputable seller will probably disclose all the adjustments and non-original parts in the item so you can pay attention to them and make an informed decision.

Shorter lifespan of used office chairs.

Another big concern about buying a second hand office chair is their shorter lifespan. Investing your money into office equipment, you definitely hope that it will last and won't turn into a money pit that requires constant maintenance and repairs. Otherwise, the whole idea of buying second hand office furniture and saving money loses its point.

That is why you want to aim for high-end brands and top-rated items shopping for your second hand office chairs. Indeed there is no point in getting a mass-market item made out of cheap and flimsy materials.

The whole point of getting used office chairs for your workplace is to buy high-end items, enjoy their comfort and quality, and save a great deal of money. And such chairs last longer than even new chairs bought from a cheap brand.

Used office chairs are unhygienic.

Many people righteously worry that buying a used office chair may simply be dangerous since it is unhygienic. Indeed, you don't know who has spent about 8 hours per day for several years in this chair.

Does it mean that to be safe, you will have to change the upholstery, which will definitely increase the price of your used office chair? Not necessarily.

By buying a mesh used office chair or the one with upholstery made out of easy-to-clean materials without complicated decorative elements and grainy texture, you can easily clean the item thoroughly and ensure its hygienic safety. Even if you order professional cleaning services for such an office chair, the overall cost will be much lower than the price tag of an identical new item.

When buying the second hand office chair from a reputable dealer, such as Kings Office Furniture, you can rest assures that the chair has been deep cleaned before it was sold.

Delivery issues

Last but not least possible challenge you may face buying used office chairs in London is the issues with delivery.

Make sure to look for second hand office chair sellers near your location. It will not only save you a lot of time and effort on travelling but may solve the delivery issue as you may be able to take the item out of the shop yourself. In any case, it is best to discuss the seller's delivery policies before you close the deal.

The idea of buying used office chairs in London may seem pretty challenging, especially for the first-time buyers, but if you pay attention to details, check every item thoroughly and address a reputable seller, you and your business will only benefit from this lucrative perspective.