It is important to choose the right office chair for your staff but this could become quite expensive if buying new office chairs. There is the opportunity to buy used office chairs at a friction of the price and with all the requirements for your staff.

To avoid developing back problems, it is important to have the best suit chair for the team member and task needed for. At Kings Office Furniture under our used office furniture range we have a wide range of used office chairs to suit everyone.

There are some helpful tips to concern when buying used office chairs. Here are 4 questions that will give you the best result with used office chairs:

  1. Is the used office chairs comfortable?
  2. Can you adjust the backrest height and angle so that the bulge of the seat is in the small of your back?
  3. Does the seat pad on the used office chairs give good support without too much pressure to the back of your legs?
  4. Can you adjust the seat height so that your shoulders are relaxed and your forearms and wrists are horizontal when typing?

Using these 4 questions when choosing your used office chairs you can help the lower back and evoke good posture.

We at Kings Office Furniture we specialise in high quality used office furniture sourced from all around the UK. There are standards that we set with all the used office furniture that we purchase. Amongst our used office furniture is a great selection of used office chairs. All our used office furniture and used office chairs are in stock and ready to be delivered to you at your convenience.

So for a complete range of used office furniture and used office chairs, visit the website or call for free advice. 02380 789978