Is your office located in Leicestershire? Do you need office furniture in Leicester? Are you setting up a new office or are you looking to refresh your current setup? Kings Office Furniture will be delighted to help. We are the UK's leading supplier of second hand office furniture. We provide a nationwide service of delivery and installation of office furniture available for ordering via our website.

Used Office Furniture in Leicester

Buying used office furniture, as opposed to brand new, comes with a couple of benefits. Probably the most important one is the savings. You can buy your office setup for 15%-25% of it's price brand new. We mean all the desks, office chairs and storage. Yes, you can pick up a high-end, branded chair for a fraction of it's price new. You can buy desks, which in most cases are undistinguishable from brand new really cheap. We will delivery and install your new pre-loved office furniture and it will still be a fraction of the new price.

Additionally, by buying second hand office furniture you actively help to save the climate. Have we not acquired the furniture it would have been wasted and to provide brand new furniture energy and resources would have to be used.

At Kings Office Furniture we have confidence in products we sell, that's why everything you buy from us comes with 12 month warranty.

Used office chairs

Does your office in Leicester City Centre or Westcote leave a good impression on your visitors and business partners? Seat your guests in incredible designer chairs without paying an arm and a leg. Offer your employees good working conditions with great second hand operator chairs.


Used office desks Leicester

Whether your office is open plan, cubicle or separate rooms, we have the right desks for you. We stock large amounts of bench desks, curved desks, cantilever desks and height-adjustable desks. We have all sizes of desktops and all kinds of desk legs. We always stock a range of finishes. Simply check out our used office desks page and see for yourself.


Leicester second hand office storage

No office can work efficiently without office storage. Whether it's filing cabinets, pedestals, cupboards or bookshelves, we've got it. High quality, good condition, low price, delivered and installed. What more cound you ask for?