When it comes to historical preservation and creative brilliance, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London holds a prominent place. Known worldwide for its diverse collection spanning 5000 years of art, the V&A is now turning its attention to sustainability in its own operations. The museum recently made a savvy, eco-conscious decision by purchasing a set of seven second-hand Herman Miller Mirra chairs from our inventory at a significant discount, demonstrating that sustainability and cost-effectiveness can go hand in hand.

Investing in Quality, Saving Costs

While the need for reliable office furniture is universal, the V&A made a conscious decision to invest in the second-hand market. They purchased seven Herman Miller Mirra chairs, each 'fully loaded', equipped with all available features and adjustments, from our used furniture stock. With a reputation for producing some of the most durable, comfortable, and ergonomically sound office furniture, Herman Miller is a brand that truly stands the test of time.

Second hand Herman Miller Mirra chair

Each chair was priced at £279, a striking contrast to the typical retail price of around £1079 for a new, fully loaded Mirra chair. This purchase allowed the V&A to save approximately £800 on each chair – a total saving of £5600.

An Eco-Conscious Decision

The financial savings, while substantial, are only part of the story. By purchasing used furniture, the V&A has also made a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. Second-hand furniture reduces demand for new products and, consequently, lowers the energy use and carbon emissions associated with manufacturing. Moreover, it extends the life of quality furniture and reduces waste heading to landfills.

A Symbol of Change

The V&A's decision to choose second-hand over new represents more than just an isolated purchase. It is a powerful statement about the museum's commitment to environmentally friendly practices. This eco-conscious step aligns perfectly with their mission of inspiring people to appreciate art, design, and the world around them.


In essence, the V&A has provided a shining example of how institutions can be both fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious. We are proud to have played a part in this initiative and look forward to assisting other organizations in making similar, sustainable choices.

Through actions like these, we can continue to drive the change towards a more sustainable future, proving that second-hand doesn't mean second best – it's a smart, sustainable, and savvy choice.

The Victoria and Albert Museum's commitment to sustainability goes beyond a single purchase of office furniture. The institution has a deep-rooted and ongoing pledge to integrate sustainable practices into its operations and public engagement. Their comprehensive approach spans from improving energy efficiency and waste management in their facilities, to promoting sustainable design practices through their exhibitions and educational programs. They also aim to collaborate with like-minded partners to enhance their sustainability efforts. For more information about the V&A's dedication to sustainability, please visit their sustainability page. Their commitment sets a precedent for other institutions and further proves that every action, no matter how small, contributes to a more sustainable future.

If you too want to enjoy the savings while helping the planet, check out our used office furniture collection, or you want to know more about the subject before you commit, our guide to buying used office furniture is the best place to start.