The modern market offers such a wide choice of office furniture that sometimes it may become tough to make a truly informed decision. When it comes to office desks, you may see models designed primarily for smaller and bigger offices, providing additional storage solutions or options to increase the work surface. Even those meant precisely for left and right-handed people.

At the same time, buying an office desk provides for a certain level of commitment as quality items are not cheap, and an office desk is generally not an item that you can change once in several months or as soon as it gets out of fashion.

From this point, cantilever desks may be a perfect, most versatile solution for your workspace. Those desks are the true embodiment of the simplicity of genius. Seemingly pretty basic, they offer limitless adjustment options and allow you to arrange a comfortable and safe workplace.

In this article, we shall talk about cantilever desks and what made them so popular today, their main benefits and criteria that will help you choose the best option for your office.

What is the point of a cantilever desk?

Usually, when we talk about different models of office desks and the difference between them, we pay attention to the size and shape of the desktop.

However, cantilever desks come in all sizes and shapes, while their main feature and benefit lie under the desktop.

Cantilever structures are widely used in architecture, residential and industrial constructions and even aviation. They allow making overhanging structures like balconies, bridges, etc. remain perfectly stable without additional support.

A cantilever office desk is held by 2 L-shaped legs instead of a classic 4-leg structure. It not only introduces a whole-new aesthetics of an office desk but also has certain practical benefits.

Benefits of Cantilever Desks

Cantilever desks remain perfectly stable without having 2 front legs, which often appear as an obstacle for free movement around the office or even an additional traumatizing feature.

Having a cantilever desk, you can be sure to freely move from one side of your workspace to another without the risk to hit your leg. Once put next to each other, several cantilever desks can create a fully functional shared workspace that will allow employees to move around and communicate freely.

The absence of the two frontal legs in the cantilever desk provides for more storage options. You can install additional drawers under the desktop or use mobile desk pedestals, which are perfect for a dynamic multifunctional workspace.

Cantilever desks can be adjusted much faster, easier and safer than most other models. You can easily change their height with the telescopic legs without the need to balance and adjust each of the 4 classic legs for perfect stability.

This feature is particularly essential when different people have to work behind the same desk from time to time. The height of the desk is a crucial factor for comfortable seating and maintaining a proper posture. It is vital to prevent muscle strain, back pains and other common health complications of a sedentary lifestyle.

Cantilever desks are also most stable. When one leg of a standard 4-leg desk gets damaged, hit or bent somehow, the whole structure can become unstable and start to wabble. Not just incredibly annoying. It could become really dangerous if the leg cracks and the entire desk flipped over the person who sits behind it or passes by.

Cantilever desks are most stable and practically impossible to flip over accidentally. Mainly that is why they are so popular in schools and other children`s facilities.

A Cantilever office desk is a safe and multifunctional option for your business. It offers additional space under the desk for free movement or storage solutions and, at the same time, provides privacy due to the front panels. It is durable and stable construction that will serve you for many years and can easily be adjusted due to its simplicity and versatility.

With various desktop options, cantilever desks can be a perfect choice for any office that will meet the demands and needs of different people and help you get the most out of the available space.