Desks with pedestals first appeared in the XVIII century. But they became most popular in the second half of the XIX century, making those executive desks one of the symbols of Victorian furniture and aesthetics.

Desk pedestals are sets of drawers and small cabinets, which provide additional well-organised storage options. Mainly because of this feature, desk pedestals remain extremely popular even today, when the office interior design is primarily aimed at practical minimalism. Pedestals are either under-desk, in which case they save floor space, or desk-high, in which case they extend the desktop.

Originally, pedestal desks were pretty massive constructions made out of solid wood and included metal and leather in their structure and design. Mainly that is why they have always been associated with high-end executive office furnishing.

However, today`s desk pedestals have significantly evolved and adapted according to modern aesthetics, needs and demands. They are innovative and functional storage solutions for various offices and workplaces. There are static desk pedestals as well as models with wheels, which can easily be moved around the office, becoming an additional storage unit as well as a convenient work or display surface.

Benefits and use of desk pedestals

Such small and seemingly essential office furniture piece as a desk pedestal can become an incredibly convenient solution for any office. Let`s go over the primary benefits and uses of desk pedestals in modern offices.

Keeping your workplace neat and organised

Desk pedestals allow you to keep all the necessary papers, stationery and equipment right under your hand without the need to pile them up on the office desk.

It lets you keep the workplace clean and neat or arrange it rapidly, putting all the unnecessary things aside fast and easy. This feature comes in handy when you may have visitors or receive customers at your workplace and want to keep it clean effortlessly or have an opportunity to hide some papers or equipment from public view in just one move.

Safety and confidentiality

Most pedestals have lockable drawers. It lets you keep specific papers or equipment perfectly safe and inaccessible for unauthorised use when you are out of the office.

Having a desk pedestal with lockable drawers gives you peace of mind and allows you to store and find particularly important documents fast and easy.

Additional storage

Desk pedestals, especially mobile ones, are a perfect solution for offices that want to optimise and get the most out of their available space. They provide additional storage options without the need to drill the walls to hand shelves or clear room for another bookcase.

You can tuck those pedestals under the office desk and move them around quickly when you need to share their contents or clear the space. Desk pedestals are a perfect solution for small offices or places where drilling walls for shelves can be problematic or even forbidden by the contact.

Variable drawers

Most desk pedestals have drawers of different sizes, which make them exceptionally versatile.

Having small flat drawers, lockable and sectioned options, as well as a large filing drawer at the same unit, allows you to quickly sort and organise all the documents and equipment and have everything you may need for work right under your hand at the same time.

Once your desk pedestal has wheels, you can quickly push them around the office, sharing the document or equipment with your colleagues without any distractions or needing to get up and travel around.


Customisable and versatile

Desk pedestals come today in various shapes, sizes and can be customised according to your needs. There are multiple colours and designs which can easily fit any office interior. You can choose among various configurations of drawers for your desk pedestals and install locks for maximum security of your business operation.

Some shapes will allow you to sort and prioritise documents and instantly get access to the necessary information without having to go through piles of papers and folders. At the same time, there are models with larger drawers, which can contain specific equipment, appliance or stationery you may need at your work.

Desk pedestals have evolved from passive constructions into mobile and functional storage units, which can be a perfect solution for any office and workplace. They allow you to store and share the necessary documentation with colleagues easily, keep your desk clean and neat and maintain privacy, securing essential items in the special locked drawers. Coming in all possible shapes and sizes, modern desk pedestals are perfectly customisable and will become a perfect addition to the interior of any modern workspace.