Used office furniture in Northampton

Do you need new furniture for your Northampton office, but you don't want to spend much too money? Then used office furniture is what you are looking for. Whether your office is in Abington, Delapre, Far Cotton, Semilong or anywhere else in Northampton we can supply and install your second hand office furniture for you. Get the best quality furniture on the market for a fraction of it's price new. Branded, high-end office furniture lasts much longer and offers a better comfort than the cheap stuff. With us, it also comes with 12 months warranty. Used office furniture is overall a great deal and we highly recommend browsing our current stock.

Used office desks

When it comes to office desks, great savings can be made by choosing a pre-loved option. All desks we sell are in good condition, often it is nearly impossible to distinguish our used desks from brand new. After all, all office desks in the UK are produced to a very high standard. We always have a wide range of used desks in stock, including bench desks, curved desks, standalone desks and height-adjustable desks.

Used office chairs

There is so much more you can do in office chairs department if you go second hand. Herman Miller Aerons, Humanscale, Orangebox, Steelcase... the world is your oyster. Since used office chairs cost much less than brand new, you can choose any model you like and it will probably cost you as much as a Chinese no-name chair. The difference is, high-end brand chairs usually have over a decade of warranty, while Chinese cheap chairs come with the minimal required by law 1 year. This says a lot about the quality of top-end chairs. Unfortunately, the manufacturers warranty is voided when chairs are sold for the second time, however at Kings Office Furniture we include our own warranty of 12 months for every chair we sell. We can do this, because we carefully select chairs we sell and we have full confidence in our product. Browse our stock of second hand office chairs.



Used office storage

Office storage is a necessity for smooth operation of a workplace. You need somewhere to put away all the stationery, computer accessories and documents. Typical office storage consists of desk pedestals, cupboards, bookcases and filing cabinets. As much as you need office storage for your office you most likely don't need it brand new. Used office storage we sell is fully cleaned and ready to be used. It also comes with 12 month warranty, just like every other product we sell.

Second hand designer chairs

While ordinary office chairs will "do the job", there are some situations when you want to have an extra layer of panache and comfort, you might be interested in designer office chairs. These pieces are made out of finest materials, by the best craftsmen to the design of most renown office furniture designers. Such furniture makes a statement and is a very good way to impress people. See our collection of second hand designer office chairs.