Many people think that buying refurbished office chairs is a pretty risky idea. Indeed, sometimes it may be tough to tell whether they have really done a thorough pre-sale preparation or just cleaned out the used office chair slightly, making it look marketable.

Another common concern is how long the refurbished office chair serves its new owner. And while the chairs` structural parts are most often made out of perfectly durable steel, there are places most vulnerable to wear and tear, which can make you particularly reluctant towards the whole idea of buying second-hand office chairs.

In this article, we shall go over the upholstery materials you may want to look for on the used office chairs market. They are most durable, low-maintenance and guarantee that your office chair will look new for many years.

Things to look for in the upholstery materials.

Of course, we are looking for the most durable materials. However, there are several features that you need to consider to understand whether the chair`s upholstery will meet your expectations:

  • Maintenance. The lifespan of the upholstery material mainly depends on your ability and willingness to take care of it. Once the fabric of your used office chair is resistant to stains, can be cleaned easily and does not require any special maintenance, there is a big chance that even if the previous owner were not too keen on taking care of it, the chair would serve you well for many years;
  • How it feels to the touch. Having to spend about 8 hours on the chair, you definitely don`t want it to cause you any allergies, rashes or irritations;
  • Durability. In most cases, you simply cannot know how long, how and who was using the office furniture. That is why buying a second hand or refurbished office chair is essential to prevent the most durable and long-lasting materials from securing your investment.


The best upholstery materials for second-hand office chairs.

Unlike the wheels or swirling mechanisms, which are also very important, upholstery is the part of your refurbished office chair that you touch directly and stay in contact with it for several hours.

That is why it is essential to make the right choice.



It is the best option if you are looking for a durable and low-maintenance material for your office chair. Vinyl is really hard to damage and very easy to clean.

Second-hand office chairs with vinyl upholstery is an eco-friendly solution. Vinyl is pretty hard to recycle, and getting a chair like this, prevent it from about 500 years at a landfill. Moreover, unlike leather, vinyl is considered a cruelty-free material, which is perfect for vegans.

The only disadvantage of vinyl is that the material is not breathable. Once you live and work in a hot climate, it may not be the best choice for you.



A leather office chair is a statement as it is. It demonstrates to your visitors, customers and business partners your validity and competence. Leather is definitely the most luxurious material for office furniture, and therefore it is naturally pretty expensive.

However, the good looks of leather upholstery require some advanced maintenance. Without proper care, it will soon enough show some cracks and signs of wear and tear. That is why if you managed to find a quality leather second-hand office chair, prepare for some additional investment into its maintenance to preserve the looks.

Of course, leather is the most comfortable and much more breathable than vinyl. However, once the temperatures rise, you may have to face the same discomfort as with vinyl sitting on your office chair for several hours in a row.


Mesh Fabric

It is the most popular material for office chairs on the modern market. Its leading and most hailed quality is the aeration that will let you feel comfortable sitting in your office even on the hottest summer day.

Mainly that is why it is considered the safest material for people with skin sensitivities. Once your skin breathes freely, even while spending several hours in the office, it is pretty unlikely that you will get any rashes or irritations.

Mesh fabric also adds some ergonomic features to your office chair as it has the ability to stretch in all the right places when you sit on the chair and embrace your body perfectly.

Most advanced and famous brands prefer this material for their office chairs. And while they can get pretty costly, buying a second-hand office chair with mesh upholstery is your chance to receive a high-class furniture piece at a reasonable price.



Buying a refurbished office chair, it is essential to find the one that meets your needs and expectations. And while the adjustment mechanisms are usually the first ones that people look at, the upholstery also plays an essential part in your safety and comfort.

Today`s market of second-hand office chairs allows you to choose from almost endless possibilities. Therefore, with the right approach, you can easily find a refurbished chair that will match your demand whether you are looking for something luxurious, practical, cruelty-free and eco-friendly or most durable.