It may not seem that obvious at first sight, but a sedentary lifestyle and especially spending the whole day at an office chair is not any less physically challenging than working on your feet. Moreover, if our bodies tend to adapt to physical exertion, strain, back pains, and other health complications often associated with office work will only worsen with time.

That is why investing in a high-quality office chair, a new or a second-hand one is essential. It will help you avoid and prevent muscle strain, poor posture and other long-term health complications of s sedentary lifestyle and, as a result, improve your productivity and performance at work.

Famous office furniture brands like Herman Miller claim that their chairs are made to help you feel comfortable, preserve your health and create a comfortable and safe workspace for you. But why are those office chairs so expensive?

In this article, we shall try to understand what makes quality office chairs like Herman Miller so expensive and whether there is a reasonable way to save money while getting a high-end office chair.


Office chairs, which are built to last

Hardly is there a piece of office furniture that is going under bigger pressure than an office chair. Literally and figuratively. That is why buying an office chair; you want to invest in a piece of furniture meant to last.

Herman Miller offers at least a 12-year warranty for their each office chairs. This feature is particularly important, especially if you want to get a high-end office chair like Herman Miller at a reasonable price.

Buying second-hand office furniture is a wonderful opportunity for your business to rationalize spending and obtain a high-quality office setup while staying within the budget frame.

By buying a second hand Herman Miller office chair, you can be sure that this piece of furniture will last longer and serve you better than even a new chair from most other brands.


An asset for your business

As we have already mentioned, buying second-hand office furniture for your business is a great way to afford high-end items even if you have a pretty restricted budget.

One of Herman Miller`s slogans is that by buying their office chairs, you invest in your business. On the one hand, high-quality ergonomic office chairs significantly improve your productivity and performance at the workplace. At the same time, office chairs like Herman Miller are a valuable physical asset itself, which can easily be sold whenever you wish.

Hardly can you expect such payback perspectives buying most used office furniture. That is how a second hand Herman Miller office chair helps you save money and preserve your investment at the same time.

Proven quality

There are multiple studies that demonstrate that the quality of office chairs is one of the primary factors that determine comfort and safety at the workplace and, therefore, involvement, enthusiasm and productivity of office employees. And Herman Miller is the brand that gets the most positive reviews in such researches.

Indeed, an employee who does not suffer from muscle strain, poor posture and their inevitable consequences like migraines or back pains will be more concentrated on the work and take fewer sick days.

However, by buying a second-hand Herman Miller office chair, you get a chance to make an even more informed decision. Since there are numerous models and all of the inevitable have their stronger and weaker points, buying a second-hand Herman Miller office chair, you can study all the reviews thoroughly and get precisely the model that fits your needs most while saving a great deal of your money.


The most customizable office chairs

Another reason why Herman Miller office chairs are so valuable is that they provide almost endless customization options. You can adjust your chair entirely according to your needs and expectations.

Your height, weight, the amount of time you spend behind the desk, the available workspace and even your gender can be relevant when you are buying and adjusting your office chair. And Herman Miller office chairs` customization options are next to nothing.

For the very same reason, you can be sure that by buying a second hand Herman Miller office chair, you save your money and get a piece of furniture that can easily be tuned according to your current needs no matter who was the chair`s previous owner.


Herman Miller office chair is not just another piece of furniture but a valuable asset for your business. They are initially built to last, remain relevant and perfectly durable after several years of constant use and preserve your health improving performance and efficiency at work. All those qualities combined with numerous positive reviews from experts and customers determine the value of Herman Miller office chairs and justify their price.

Buying a second hand Herman Miller office chair allows you to save a lot of money while still obtaining a valuable asset for your business and investing in its performance and success.