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Starting a new business in Birmingham, relocating your company to the "City of Thousand Trades," or upgrading and renovating the existing workplace, it is essential to set the right priorities and choose the perfect furniture.

A modern office has a whole range of functions. It is a comfortable space for employees aimed to keep them safe, motivated, and encouraged. At the same time, your office interior is a kind of first impression the company will make on visitors, prospective customers, and business partners. Whether it is Digbeth, Newtown or Jewllery Quarter, your office needs to impress.

Sounds pretty costly, doesn't it? But what if we told you that there is a way to create a trendy modern office setup and equip your workplace with high-quality office chairs and desks even if you have a pretty restricted budget?

In this article, we shall talk about how the modern business community discovers the benefits of the used office furniture market and what Birmingham offices can get the most out of buying second-hand office chairs.

second hand office furniture Birmingham

What furniture do I need for my Birmingham office?

You first need to determine which office furniture pieces are essential for your Birmingham workplace and which are a waste of space and money.

Separating between "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves," you will instantly see where you can cut corners and save some money.

Office chairs are definitely the "must-haves." And it is probably the biggest investment you will have to make into your workplace furnishing.

There is no other piece of furniture in your Birmingham office that will have so many functions and will go through so much pressure as an office chair. A quality office chair is a key to a comfortable and safe workplace, which means that a person who will use it won't suffer from backaches, migraines, trauma, and other things that will interfere with the work.

At the same time, a visitor, customer, or business partner who is comfortable in your office will definitely be more cooperative and open to a conversation.

Quality office chairs, especially ergonomic models and those from high-end brands, are always so expensive. They are designed for comfort, safety, and success.

Buying second-hand office furniture in Birmingham is a perfect chance for your office to enjoy all those benefits and bright perspectives without having to drive the company bankrupt!

Here, at Kings Office Furniture, we have built a vast selection of refurbished office chairs of all kinds, from ergonomic executive chairs to practical and functional visitor sittings. Our experience and a large partner network allow us to offer our Birmingham customers used office chairs from high-end brands and manufacturers at reasonable prices.

While an office chair is not the item to be cheap with, we know how to help your business enjoy the luxurious office sitting even if your budget is restricted at the moment.

Why buy used office chairs in Birmingham?

Saving money might be the main but not the only reason why more and more Birmingham businesses prefer to buy used office chairs and other second-hand furniture.

Birmingham is our country's 2nd largest business center. Here you will find companies from all possible industries and niches – from IT and machinery to healthcare and retail. And all these companies can benefit from buying refurbished office chairs no matter how big their offices are and how much time employees spend at their workplaces.

Here are the main reasons more and more Birmingham offices choose used office furniture over shopping for new items.

Time is money!

You may be surprised how much time will pass between the moment you make an order to buy a new office chair and the day you will be able to sit on it.

Manufacture, order assembly, transportation (keep in mind that most furniture is manufactured overseas today), and international and local logistics – all those are extremely time-consuming processes.

In case you are refurbishing your office and continue using the old office chairs in the meantime. It may be a problem for your business. But what if you are starting a new company or your chair broke, and you don't have a replacement? Sometimes you may have to freeze the whole operation or have to compromise on safety and comfort in the office if you lack the necessary furniture.

It is not an issue with used office chairs! In most cases, you will receive your items fully assembled and ready for use within a couple of days after making the purchase or may even pick them up right away from the warehouse!


Mutual cooperation

There are thousands of offices in Birmingham. Just like any other significant business and industrial center, the city and its community went through massive changes during the Pandemic.

For many companies, it meant downsizing or going out of business entirely. Birmingham offices started selling their assets, including office furniture. It made the city's market of used office chairs particularly vivid and diverse.

Today, many companies have a chance to furnish their offices with slightly used high-quality office chairs at significantly lower prices. At the same time, the businesses that need to sell their used office chairs have a chance to clear space and receive the necessary funds to pay off salaries and debts or finance relocation.

It is a bright example of mutual cooperation and opportunity in the Birmingham business community.

Sustainable operation

Being sustainable and environmentally aware is a must in the modern world. Customers, investors, and business partners prefer to associate themselves with companies that make an effort to reduce their footprint and leave a better planet for our children.

Choosing used office chairs over shopping for new items is the essential way for any business to cut down their waste and impact on the environment. By buying used office chairs in Birmingham, your company can righteously claim that it is making sustainable choices and contributes to environmental protection.

By buying second-hand office chairs, you save a lot of time and money, can help local Birmingham businesses, significantly reduce your company's environmental impact, and raise environmental awareness.

Contact us today and learn more about how your Birmingham office can discover new opportunities and benefit from buying second-hand furniture.

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