Height Adjustable Desk

Standing desks can reduce tiredness among employees that in hand will increase productivity. The British Medical Journal recently published stats after competing for a trial on 146 NHS staff found that over half of them went from relatively sedentary work lives became more engaged with their work and faced less muscular problems. Where height adjustable desks are relatively new to the office furniture market it has taken a couple of years for them to filter through to the used sector as you can image. These desks have now started to come through from liquidators and office clearances and we are really pleased as buying used height adjustable desk is an affordable way to get hold of innovative design for your employees and improve their working lives at a fraction of the price.

Shapes of office furniture

Shapes of office furniture can dramatically affect the look and feel of your office and working space. Different shapes compliment different working environments and different working styles. We will look at how all the desks we use can increase productivity and collaborative working.

At this moment we hold stock of second-hand corner desks this style of desk is perfect for giving your team a large amount of working space enough room to have a computer of the laptop along with an area for jotting of notes or paperwork away from the screen. Used corner desks are perfect for the more creative tasks as it allows space to concentrate on work away from the screen. These desks can also be organized in a pod fashion putting four corners back to back to create a large four person working area. There is a downsize because of the size of these desks they do tend to take up a large amount of room especially when set up in a pod formation.

Second Hand Straight & Bench Desks

Used straight & bench desks are perfect for creating an open planning collaborative working. The used straight and bench desks are also perfect for creating variation in your office as they can be adapted to suit the needs of your latest project. If you need to draft more team members or different experience you can increase the desk formation to allow space for everyone on the project to work collaboratively.

Divide the office

Open plan offices are all the rage and collaboration is proven to increase productivity to creativity and break down hierarchy in the workplace. Although the open plan design can come with its flaws. You have a team doing a presentation and a tea, meeting then a new client comes to visit how should you use used office screens and dividers to best manage your open plan office. Second hand office screens come in a range of colours and we hold a huge amount of stock. These screens can be used to create ad-hoc meeting areas and privacy within an open plan office. We also have desk mounted screens to that are perfect for our used bench desks these can be great to reduce noise traveling through the offices as the key to providing a productive workplace is creating a calm and enjoyable working environment for your team.


Maintain Your Office Furniture

At Kings Office furniture we understand that a well maintained office creates a better working environment for you and your team. No one enjoys working in untidy shabby space. We have been supplying quality second hand office furniture to businesses small and large across the country. We understand that a little bit of maintenance can go a long way when it comes to preserving the great condition of the second-hand office furniture you buy from us.

Chair Maintenance – The office chair is the most used item in any office, and we would recommend giving them a little bit of TLC every 6-9 months to prolong their life. This is just a quick tighten up of the screws to ensure that the second-hand office chair from Kings gives you maximum life span.

Desk Maintenance – Desks can begin to look shabby quickly if they are left uncared for with marks form pen ink or objects being dropped on them. All our desks are quality checked and assured before we send them out to our clients after purchase. To make sure that your used office desks stay in the great condition you received it from Kings Office Furniture just a gentle bit of cleaning can keep them looking great for even longer. We recommend a dry cloth for dusting and using soft chemicals when cleaning the tops, no harsh chemicals as you do not want to distort the desk surface.

Break Out Areas

The importance of providing your team members with a space to relax share ideas and have a different style of working for is seen to be effective in modern companies. It is common practice now for companies to provide activities such as comfortable seating ping pong tables etc This adds to staff well being and is proven to show collaborative working as a sociable team are more likely to engage in helping each other complete tasks and grow more ideas that will inevitably help your business s further develop.


Offices used to be heavily divided with teams working in small offices the shift over the last ten years to open plan offices is greatly improving collaboration. It is true without the barrier of walls it makes people more accessible and allows team members who would not normally interact share ideas and spawn’s creativity. We have seen the increase in collaborative working space and the benefits that it has to the productivity and working environment for your team. There are certain types of furniture that are perfect for collaborative working form second hand bench desk to used meeting tables all of which provide space for multiple people to work and share ideas. We have huge amounts of stock of these two products in a range of matching colours.

These are just a few ways that you can increase productivity through collaboration and increasing engagement. All the suggestions above we can help you with. We have a huge range rang of second hand office furniture with stock changing daily. You can view all second hand office furniture in the shop or call us on 0845 521 9070.