Let’s face it, every business, large or small, needs office furniture. This means that the prices for said furniture, are constantly competing.
With such a high demand of desks and chairs, companies can afford to put their prices up. If you’re a relatively small business, buying furniture can appear daunting with today's prices. But even if you’re a large company buying in bulk, some of the prices today are astronomical.

If you think about it, most office furniture is made to be durable and long lasting. This means you should probably get a good product regardless. However, by opting for used furniture, you are getting it at a fraction of the cost.
The price of a new office chair, with a decent lumbar support, could literally cost you hundreds. Now multiply this by how many staff you have, and few add-ons. This figure is probably quite frightening, but it doesn’t have to be.
Buying a used office chair could seriously cut your costs down. And by using a reputable company, you probably wouldn’t even notice much difference to that of a new chair.

When you’re buying office chairs, you want to ensure you are getting something with good lumbar support. You’d be surprised how many bad backs are caused from sitting at a poor angle in the office. You want your employees to be comfortable whilst they’re productively working. If they’re sitting in a poorly designed chair, they will most like have to get up and about more frequently. But if they had the correct support in the first place, they could easily stay put for the task in hand.
A lumbar support helps promote good posture and comfort for the spine. It fills the space between the base of your posterior and the gap it would have from the back of the chair. It is designed to support the natural curvature of your spine, to reduce to cause of back pain.
Our instinct when working at a desk, is unfortunately to slouch. Slouching for periods of time can cause long term back issues, and even result in time off work. This is not something you or your employee needs. Having the correct support really does go a long way.
The only downfall to a good lumbar support chair, is the cost. A brand new lumbar supported chair could cost you up to £800, and even more so. Buying a second hand chair is a third of this price.
Having the right support in place can avoid all of the above, and even save you money. You are now able to help your staff’s backs, and your bank balance at the same time.

In addition to this, are the environmental factors. By recycling used office furniture, you’re basically playing your part in the climate crisis tackling. All round, it’s a win win.