We have been asked by our client in Weybridge, Surrey to furnish their office space. We received an order for 54 uniform work stations comprising of bench desks with screens complete with mobile pedestals. webridge map
The lead time we had for this order was 5 days. On Tuesday at 10am two of our vans packed with used office furniture arrived at Weybridge Business Park. Due to pandemic situation the site did not seem very busy. We have quickly unloaded the furniture and began the assembly. Our specialised team builds thousands of bench desks every year. An assembly of one bench desk takes not more than a few minutes, but with all the shifting and arranging involved this job took a full day of  work. We have furnished the space with white, used bench desks, complete with granite grey screens. Additionally, each station was supplied with a mobile pedestal.

office with used furniture
This job was not only a good deal for all parties involved, but thanks to reusing second hand office furniture, this is also good for the environment. Have we not bought back and re-sold the furniture it could possibly go to the landfill, while a factory would produce another batch using high amounts of energy and resources.
The used furniture we delivered to Weybridge was in "as new" condition and we gave a warranty on all items.

used bench desks


We appreciate the business and we hope to do more jobs like this in Weybridge and all around Surrey in future.