Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic office work environments have been constantly changing. Closures and office clearances are unfortunately on the raise. Some people were delegated to work from home, ensuring their safety. Whenever this is a viable option, according to official guidelines, it should be applied. There are however some office jobs that just cannot be done remotely. Even with limited staff, the skeleton crew is always at the increased chance of transferring the virus. Therefore it is common sense to try and minimize this chance.


If your office is struck with the unfortunate event of closure, Kings Office Furniture is there to help you get as much of your capital back as possible. We offer office clearance services and we are very likely to buy your used office furniture and possibly other items as well. Go to our clearance page for more information and to request a callback

Sneeze Guards

During work hours it is not always possible to wear a face mask. Some people cannot wear a mask for health reasons. A sneeze guard provides a suitable office solution for these cases. We supply both desk and counter top sneeze guards. They are quick and easy to fit, providing an extra layer of protection against virus spread. Sneeze guards are usually fully transparent, allowing light to pass, which helps keep the space bright. Our sneeze guards are brand new and can be cut to any size. Please give us a ring to arrange for bespoke sizes.

Protective screens

We also supply lightweight, standing, protective screens. These also offer easy installation, with two inter-locking feet. Such screens can be used as partitions in open areas, break rooms, canteens. Additionally, these screens can be used to create one-way systems around the office. We stock ultra-lightweight cardboard screens and lisocore screens, which have more weight to them, but come with a plexiglass panel window.