After buying second-hand office furniture, you may have to transport it yourself. Some dealers offer shipping services, but people who value their time often prefer to take charge and not rely on someone else`s services. After all, if you have an appropriate vehicle and someone who can help you, transporting your newly-purchased second-hand office furniture is another way to save money.

However, moving already assembled office desks and cupboards may be a pretty tricky process. Not only your used executive desk may turn out heavier than you expected, but it may be really hard to deliver it to your office through all those narrow passages, stairs and elevators.

In this article, we shall talk about the main rules to observe while moving or transporting second-hand office furniture. They will help you avoid trauma and disappointment and ensure that you won`t cause any damage to your newly bough used office furniture.

It is a two-person job.

It is always better to have someone to help you, especially if you have bought a second-hand office desk or a used office cupboard and have to load it into the vehicle or move up and down the stairs.

If you just try to push it forward by yourself or move first one than another side up or down the stairs, you will almost inevitably damage the item or even risk dropping it and losing forever. Remember, if you decide not to order the dealer`s shipping services, you take full responsibility for the second-hand office furniture that you buy right after the purchase. 

Therefore, don`t hesitate to ask for assistance, arrive with someone who is able to help you or consider professional shipment if you realise that the furniture piece you are planning to buy is not something you can easily pick up, load into the car and move up and down the stars yourself.

The “Top and Bottom” rule

Transporting large pieces of used office furniture such as office desks, storage units, or cupboards may be pretty awkward. Even if the item is light, you may not have full control of it, especially if you have to go through a door passage or go up or down the stars.

Except for asking for assistance, movers usually suggest sticking to the “top and bottom” rule. It means that one person should hold on to the top angle of an item, tip it a bit and let another pick up the bottom. 

Carrying a large piece like a used office desk like this gives you much more control over manoeuvring and allows you to carry the item easily up and down the stairs if it does not fit into an elevator.

Don`t forget to protect your furniture.

One of the biggest environmental benefits of buying used office furniture is the lack of all that unnecessary packaging that you will through away right after receiving your new office desk or chair.

However, it is still necessary to protect your newly bought second-hand office furniture during transportation as the dealer will not be responsible for any damage, scratches and chips that may occur during shipment.

The best way to do so is to use some old blankets and ropes to cover a large piece from any angle. You may also collect and repurpose some old boxes, fold the catbird and wrap the paper around the most vulnerable edges, handles, legs and wheels.

Make a plan

If you bought only one used office chair or a second-hand office desk, you have probably already cleared the space and know exactly where you will put it.

But if you are buying the whole office setup at once, it is essential to make a clear and structured shipment plan before you start moving the items into the office. The golden rule here is to start with the furthest wall from the door and bring the items into the office gradually. That way, the place won`t get cluttered in the process, it will be much easier to arrange the whole setup, and the whole moving process will take much less time and effort.

Do all the measurements, take a piece of paper and draw the plan of your future office setup. Then put numbers on the items to know exactly which item comes into your office first and which will follow.

Buying second-hand office furniture gives you much more control over the process. You don`t have to wait till the item is manufactured and shipped to you, you don`t have to deal with excessive packaging, and if you choose to pick it up yourself, you know exactly when and how you will receive your newly bought desk or chair.

However, with power and control come to some responsibilities. Make sure to plan the process in advance, prepare the vehicle and don`t hesitate to ask for help.