Buying used office furniture is an excellent way for your business to save money and enjoy a much wider choice than any furniture store can offer. However, except for all the benefits of buying second-hand office furniture, there are lots of pitfalls and things you may want to consider before closing the deal. Some of them became the notorious stigmas of the used office furniture market.

In this article, we shall talk about the 5 things that may make you think twice before considering used office furniture for your business and ways to avoid fatal mistakes if you choose to get second-hand furniture anyway.

#1 – Pests and mould

Wooden furniture often becomes an incubator for various pests like termites and mould. There are several factors that may cause their appearance, from the quality of wood, its finishing and maintenance to the atmosphere in the room where your used office desk or cupboard came from.

Except for the fact that pests and mould are anaesthetic and can damage the structure of your used office furniture, they can be hazardous to your health, cause diseases and aggravation of the chronic condition.

That is why it is so essential to study every piece of second-hand office furniture thoroughly. Make the salesperson turn the item to show you every angle, and use a magnifying glass and additional lighting if you have concerns about a particular spot or tiny hole in the wood. 

If you are still not sure that the item is pest and mould-free, it is better to move on with your search. After all, the choice in the second-hand office furniture market is practically endless.

#2 – Overpricing

Saving money is one o the main reasons we choose to buy used office furniture. However, overpricing still remains a big issue in this market. 

There are two reasons why you may have to deal with overpriced items. The first one is the fact that when we talk about an item from a famous brand, a seller may “charge for the name” just as they do with new furniture. 

Another problem is that the market for used office furniture is full of replicas and fakes. Not every chair that looks like an ergonomic Herman Miller is the original on the second-hand market.

The best way to avoid wasting money on overpriced items is to address reputable sellers and do your research on the market before closing any deals.

#3 – Recalled items

A specific model may be recalled for different reasons, from a structural issue to discovering that an upholstery contains potentially hazardous materials or chemicals.

That is why it is illegal to sell recalled items, even on a second-hand office furniture market. However, a seller may not even know that a certain model of office chair has been reсaled since they have to deal with such a massive inventory. The best way to protect yourself from a dangerous buy is to simply research a particular item before buying it. Any brand will definitely disclose the information about recalls to prevent people from hazards and protect their own reputation.

#4 – Unobvious damage

Your used office chair may look just fine at the shop, but start making weird sounds or have a wobbly armrest as soon as you bring it to the office.

Unfortunately, used office furniture often has some flaws and unobvious damage, which are not easily seen “with a naked eye”. Therefore you need to examine every item thoroughly before the purchase and try it out. Make sure to sit o the chair for several minutes, spin around, check all the adjusting mechanisms and move forward with your search even if you have the slightest suspicion about the actual condition o the item you are planning to buy.

#5 – Hygiene issues

Last but not least is the less-than-perfect sanitary state of the items. It is mostly a problem with office chairs, soft furniture as well as desks – the pieces we touch most.

A seller will probably do their best to clean every item and make it as marketable as possible before offering it to buyers. Therefore, if you see a stain on the upholstery or a desktop, it may be something that simply does not come off. At the same time, some stains can become ultimate incubators for bacteria and mould.

Make sure to buy “clean” items and consider investing in professional cleaning services before you start using your newly-purchased second-hand office furniture, even if it looked perfectly fine at the shop.

The rules of buying used office furniture are pretty simple. Do your research, examine every piece before buying and address a reputable dealer that is ready to disclose all the information and provide solutions for possible issues with second-hand office furniture. Following these rules, you will avoid all the possible pitfalls and enjoy all the benefits of the used furniture market.