Nothing lasts forever, and your office chair will definitely need replacement one day. More and more London businesses choose to refurbish their offices with second-hand items. It is a convenient and eco-friendly way to upgrade your workplace setup, saving a great deal of money.

But the main question is, how long will your “new” used office chair last? If you have to change them once a year, the idea of choosing second hand office chairs does not look that budget-friendly and zero-waste.

In this article, we shall talk about a “normal” lifespan of an office chair and explain how to choose quality second hand items that will definitely outlive even new cheaply-made analogues.

An office chair is an investment in your business.

Many people don`t even realise what an important role such a common piece of furniture as an office chair may play in their career and success.

Statistically, an average office employee in the UK spends about 75% of their waking hours sitting down. At least 35 hours per week, they sit in their office chairs.

The numbers, of course, vary, and a law clerk from Midtown, London, will probably spend more time in the office than a manager of a Gaming company based in Algate, but the average data still looks impressive.

It is very important to remain comfortable and safe spending so much time basically in one position. Otherwise, you risk developing migraines, backaches, muscle strain and other notorious conditions of modern office workers.

Choosing the right office chair is an essential factor for your efficiency at work, your overall mood and your attitude at the office. All those are the fundamental success factors whether you work in a team or sit in the office alone.

People who buy used office chairs often notice that they undergo some adjustments and customisation since people who use them want to be most comfortable at work. Those adjustments often eliminate some manufacturer`s defects or enhance the chairs` back support, padding, and other important features.

Any way you look at it, an office chair is an important business asset and even an investment. And just like any investment, it can be a short-term solution that gives instant results without too much concern for the future or a thoughtful strategy that will be its fruits throughout a long period of time.

In other words, there are lots of office chairs on the market that won`t really last longer than 2-3 years. Of course, such chairs are not the right choice for those who want to benefit from the market of used office chairs in London.

At the same time, there are high-end ergonomic models from world-famous brands that are built to serve their owners for over 10 years and sometimes even have a lifetime warranty. Such furniture often costs a fortune and may be inaccessible for your London office. But the second hand market allows you to get those items at more than affordable prices and enjoy all the benefits of top-quality office chairs that will serve you for many years.

The bottom line is that while most London businesses choose to buy used office chairs to save money, you should not choose initially cheap models as they won`t serve you long, turning the whole concept of second hand furnishing into a money pit.

At the same time, buying used office chairs of a higher price segment allows you to phase out the matter of office furnishing for several years and instantly save a great deal of money.

How to find a “centenarian” among used office chairs?

If you are shopping for office furniture for the very first time, all office chairs may look the same to you. Yes, there are some obvious differences, such as the size, design, armrests and other visible factors, but they hardly point out why one office chair will serve you for many years while another will break down in a couple of months. Find our the three main problems with second hand office chairs and how to solved them.

We collected several essential factors that affect office chairs` lifespan so you could make an informed decision when you go shopping for your second hand office chair in London.

  • Construction – pay attention to the overall look of the office chair as well as such details as the materials, seams and joints, and spike of metal parts. A quality office chair has a stable and solid frame and is made out of robust, well-fitted parts and materials;
  • Usage – most sellers, can tell you where and how the previous owner used your second hand office chair. One thing is to get a second-hand chair from a lawyer`s office and another – from a waiting room of some charity organisation;
  • Maintenance – although any seller will market their inventory, it is pretty obvious whether a used office chair was taken care of throughout its lifetime or was just cleaned and adjusted right before your visit. The better care the previous owner took of the furniture, the longer it will serve you in the future.

Nobody expects even the best-quality office chair to last forever, but it can serve you for many years and turn out a great bargain once bought on a second hand market from a reputable seller.