Second hand office furniture

Many people ask us, is second hand office furniture worth the hassle? Yes it is. For two reasons, we answer. First of all, when buying used furnishings for your office, you can save loads. We mean it. The cost savings between new and used office furniture can be even 80%. The second reason is, there is no hassle at all. We provide a better service than most of office furniture businesses dealing with brand new furniture. When you order new office furniture online, most of the times you end up with a pallet or boxes on your doorstep. This is because many online vendors are not really shops, but simply drop-shippers. We are the real deal. We've been on the market for well over two decades and our arms have probably moved a couple of container ship worth of office furniture.

The job

Last week kings Office Furniture received an order to supply and install four banks of 5 person workstations in a ground floor office of a technology customer support company. The job was completed by Jack and Chris, two of our experienced office furniture installers.

The job starts off with bringing all bench desk parts inside and laying them out where they will be assembled:

White frames of second hand bench desks laid out before assembly.


This part of the job is crucial for the whole assembly to go smooth.

Once all parts were prepared, the assembly was a breeze and took until just before lunchtime. Then it was only a matter of bringing in pedestals and second hand chairs and the job was done.
fully assembled second hand office furniture in an office in Hammersmith



 Kings offers a wide range of used office furniture. In our stock you can always find a large number of quality, top-end branded second hand office chairs, all sizes of used desks, storage furniture and much, much more. We have thousands of satisfied customers in London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton and many more towns.

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