Why would you buy used office furniture?

Office furniture is obviously a necessity for any office. You need desks to be able to set up your computer or paperwork on, you need chairs to be able to comfortable position yourself for the work and you need storage to keep everything tidy and in order. There is no upper limit as to how much this can cost you, but we think you are more interested in the lower limit. This is where used office furniture comes into play. You can furnish your office for a fraction of the price of new office furniture while still getting the same usage value. Good condition used office furniture is often indistinguishable from brand new, except for the price tag.

Another benefit of setting up your office with second hand office furniture is helping the environment. While you save money, by buying second hand furniture, you divert this furniture from the landfill and you are not ordering a factory to use energy and resources for production of brand new.
Literally everyone wins.

How to choose the right source of used office furniture?

The easiest way to source second hand office furniture is to find a dealer. There are a couple in every major UK city, so finding one shouldn't be a problem. The issue is whether it is a good dealer or not.

How to know? In used office furniture there are signs of good business and bad business all over. When you locate a dealer it's good to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they have any online reviews, and what their score is?
  • How long has the company been on the market?
  • Do they offer any warranty on their products?
  • Do they provide installation service or just curbside delivery? (in which case you will need to build your furniture yourself and only then find out whether the furniture is any good)

 Kings Office Furniture checks all those boxes and we are proud of it. We deliver and install across the UK mainland, so if you order from us you are going into a zero hassle money saving deal. We give 12 months warranty on everything we sell, so you can rest assured about the quality of our products.

What do you need to look out for when you buy used office furniture?

When you use a reputable seller, you should not need to check the furniture, however if you are buying stuff from Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or any other individual sales platform it worth to pay attention to some details.

When buying a chair, the first thing is to give the chair a good visual inspection. Look for tears in upholstery, for bends in any metalwork, for cracks in plastic parts. Sometimes people fix broken chairs themselves in which case you might see odd parts or non matching screws.

Next thing is to check is if the gas lift is not busted - this is the most common mechanical failure with office chairs. To do that, simply lift the seat to it's maximum and have a seat (if you are of petite build, perhaps ask someone heavier to sit). If the chair moves down under the weight of a person, then the gas lift is busted. This can be easily refitted at a cost of £30 to £50 depending on chair model.

When that's all good, you want to check all the adjustments if they are working fine. Remember to check adjustable arms, tilt (back and front), lumbar support, seat slide, headrest or whatever other features a chairs has.

As for storage, make sure all the drawers operate smoothly and keys are present (if there are no keys, we can still get them). Check the hinges on doors and in case of tambour doors, check whether the door operates in the full range smoothly - the last thing you want is to have your items locked behind a stuck door.

As for used office desks, obviously look for surface damage on the top of the desk (the underside might have mounting holes for accessories and is generally less appealing - even brand new) and check the stability of the desks (it should be firm, no wobble).

Checking used office furniture is no rocket science. If you are not using a well established dealer, use tips above to make sure you are getting you money's worth.

What is the best way to buy second hand office furniture in Derby?

 The absolute best way you can go on about buying used office furniture in Derby is to contact Kings Office Furniture. While our warehouse is located south of you, our fleet is traveling across the country daily. We visit Derby at least 2-3 times every week and we can deliver and install your new used office furniture at a very attractive price. Just give us a ring for free on 0800 6522 809 and we will give you our best price.

We can supply a full range of used office furniture, including second hand office chairs, used office desks, used office storage and more.