Used office furniture

Are you setting up a new office in Southampton? Or does your current office need a little revamp? One of the best ways to save money in the process is to buy second hand furniture for your office. You can get your office fully furnished for a fraction of the cost new. You are likely asking yourself right now: "It's cheap, but what about the condition of these items?" You should worry not. There is a 12 month warranty on everything we sell. And this is not a cowboy stunt. Kings Office Furniture has been established in Southampton in 1999. We have supplied office furniture to tens of thousands of customers nationwide. We have hundreds of positive reviews. We see good and bad furniture from a mile away. And we don't sell bad furniture. If we have a desk or an office chair that is at it's last legs, we let it go with dignity. We only sell office furniture that has many years of life left in it.

Another big reason to choose used office furniture over new is the environmental factor. Buying second hand not only diverts furniture from the landfill, it also avoids manufacturing of new furniture which saves energy, materials and generation of more waste. Go to our used office furniture collection to see currently available stock.


Used office chairs in Southampton

 Whether your office are in Southampton City Centre, Ocean Village, Portswood, around Western Docks or anywhere else, we can deliver and install your new second hand office furniture. Office chairs are among the most important tools of office workers. Spending 40 hours a week on an uncomfortable chair is detrimental to body and mind. You can buy a brand new good office chair, but prices start at £500 and go up to £2000, without even going into designer territory. You can of course buy much cheaper new office chairs, even under £100, but you get what you pay for. Cheap chairs usually are just that, low materials and manufacturing quality and poor design. You can buy a cheap chair, and save money, but apart from other factors, how soon will you need to replace it? When you buy office chairs from us, they will likely be at the budget end of price range, but they will be at the top end when it comes to quality. When buying second hand, you can easily get a £1000 office chair for less than £200. It is a bargain every time, especially since it comes with a 12 month warranty, so there is no reason for concern regarding the condition. See our range of used office chairs.


Used office desks in Southampton

While technically you can do office work even without a chair (if you have a sit-stand or a standing desk), it is virtually impossible to do any work without a desk. As much as necessary office desks are, they are simple products. Not much can ever go wrong with them. Therefore most of desks we sell are nearly indistinguishable from brand new. We always stock large amounts of second hand bench desks, curved desks and all other kinds of desks. See our current stock of second hand office desks.


Used office storage Southampton

No office can run smoothly without proper storage. To keep things tidy, you need a place to store documents, supplies, stationery and personal items. For your office storage needs, we stock all kinds of second hand furniture. As all the office furniture we sell, our storage is in very good condition and comes with a 1-year warranty. We have pedestals, cupboards, bookcases and filing cabinets. See our full range of second hand office storage.


Second hand designer chairs in Southampton

Every now and and then we stock rare and special pieces of office furniture. Genuine designer office chairs are masterpieces made of highest quality materials by the most skilled manufacturers. Prices of such chairs often exceed a value of a fair second hand car. Such chairs are acquired by companies to impress their partners and clients or by collectors, as an investment.See if we have any deals on second hand designer office chairs at the moment.