Herman Miller Aeron is undoubtedly the most popular office chair. Kings Office Furniture have covered the benefits of these many times and why these chairs are so popular. Kings Office Furniture stock a range of used Herman Miller Aeron chairs and in this guide we are going to cover how to maximize your comfort using the adjustment options for your used Herman Miller chairs.

In this guide from Kings Office Furniture you will learn how to adjust your chair for maximum comfort. At current are a range of Used Herman Miller chairs include the Aaron Celle and Mirra. We have large amount of Herman Miller stock with deliveries turning up daily. As our range extends, we will update this guide.

The Herman Miller Aeron is the most popular chair and we supply used Herman Millers to businesses across the country every day of the working week. The Aeron is probably the most well-known chair from the Herman Miller range and this is because the amount of adjustments options available and  the exceptional design quality. The Herman Miller Aeron comes with 10 adjustments options.

  • Seat Height
  • Arm Height
  • Tilt Tension
  • Arm Angle
  • Forward Tilt
  • Lumbar Height
  • Tilt Limiter
  • PostureFit® Adjustment
  • Lumbar Depth
  • Fine-Tune™ Footring Height

This huge amount of options provide the user with exceptional comfort. Each of these adjustment options allows you to use your Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic build to improve your comfort.

Seat Height

You can raise and lower your used Herman Miller Aeron to suit you. It is easy to do by pushing the paddle shaped lever on the right-hand side of the chair.


used herman miller london adjustable height

To know your chair is at the right height your feet should be flat on the floor, while your knees should be at a 90 degree angle.


Arm Height

The Arm height can be adjusted using the lever on the base of the arm support. Recommended by Herman Miller for maximum comfort your arms should rest in the arm pads without any raise in your shoulders.

used herman miller aeron london

To adjust your arm height while seated you turn the cog on the back of the arm support then grasp the base of the arm support and raise or lower to the desired height.
Adjust the armrests so that when your arms are at a 90-degree angle, your elbows rest comfortably on them without having to hunch your shoulders. Some models allow you to also adjust the width and angle of the armrests.


Tilt Tension

This adjustment feature is only available on some models call the team at Kings Office Furniture if you specifically require this adjustment option and the team will be able to source a full spec Used Herman Miller Aeron form our large stock.

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The Tilt tension adjustment allows you to adjust the tension when leaning back on the back support. You can adjust the tension in your chair by turning the long stem knob on the right-hand side. You can increase or decrease the tension by rotating this lever clockwise or anti clockwise.

If you find yourself straining, reduce the tension. If you're falling back too easily, increase it.

Arm Angle

This option can be found on the front of each arm pad. Adjusting your arm angle is crucial depending on the work you are carrying out.

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If you are using your keyboard a inward angle is recommended, if you are using your mouse or writing and outward arm position is recommended.


Forward Tilt

The forward tilt can be controlled by using the front lever on the left-hand side. It is recommended to engage a forward tilt when carrying out intensive tasks like sustained periods of keyboard work.

used office chairs herman miller

To position the chair forward lean back and lift the lever all the way up. If you wish to resume your horizontal position while seated push leaver all the way down and lean back.


Lumbar Height

The lumbar height is controlled by a thick pad on the back of the chair. To change the height applying equal pressure on either side of the lumbar pad and you can then shift the pad up and down to your desired support.

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It is recommended that the pad naturally sits in the curve of your back to provide maximum support.


Tilt Limiter

The tilt lever is controlled by the rear lever on the left hand side, this is used for when you want to sit upright or partially reclined. Move the lever up to recline as far as you like and then limit the tilt.

used operator chairs

Even though you have set the tilt the chair will adjust as you move allowing you to move freely in your chair while being fully supported.


PostureFit® Adjustment

This is controlled by the knob on the right-hand side of the chair. Use this in conjunction with the tilt limiter for maximum comfort. These options are designed to comfortably support your spine and posture to produce maximum comfort.


Lumbar Support Depth

The lumbar depth is controlled by the thick pad on the back of the Herman Miller Areon chair.

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Switch between the thick and thin side of the pad to match the curve in your spine for ultimate comfort.


Fine Tune Footring Height

This is only available on certain models so if you require a foot ring you will be looking for a full spec Herman Miller Aeron contact the team at Kings Office Furniture. You can raise and lower the foot ring it is recommended that your feet sit flat with no strain.


All in all the Aeron chair is a great piece of office furniture. If you are looking to purchase one, please go to our Used Herman Miller Chairs page or give us a ring on 0845 521 9070 or 02080 926 205


Kings Office Furniture is a leading dealer of used office chairs in London and the rest of the UK.