Any British entrepreneur or office manager knows that furnishing may turn into a pretty challenging task.

Office furniture naturally carries lots o functions:

  • It builds the company`s image for employees and customers;
  • It creates the atmosphere whiting the workplace;
  • It is a matter of comfort and safety for workers and customers.

No wonder, whether we are talking about office renovation or establishing a new company on the British market, proper furnishing becomes the key to success.

And here comes the notorious dilemma: should you buy new or used office furniture for your business. Indeed, the British furniture market is constantly growing, offering new options and solutions.

In this article, we decided to evaluate all the pros and cons of new and used office furniture to help you make an informed decision no matter whether your business is located in London, Manchester, Nottingham or any other part of the United Kingdom.


New Office Furniture

For many people, New always means fresh, high-quality and most efficient. But is it really so? Let`s go over the fundamental Pros and Cons of buying new office furniture for British businesses.


Pros of New Office Furniture:

  • The trendiest items – buying new office furniture, you get a chance to arrange the most fashionable, cutting-edge interior for your workplace. However, design trends tend to pass, while comfort and safety remain the priority for proper office furniture;
  • Customer support and warranty – New office furniture always comes with comprehensive customer support and various warranty options. At the same time, once you manage to find a credible and reliable dealer, used office furniture pieces go through comprehensive testing, offering customers the same level of guarantees.
  • Fast and easy – most new office furniture dealers today operate through online marketplaces. It allows you to save a great deal of time and money on your shopping. Simultaneously, the recent Pandemic has forced numerous British businesses to move online, and the used office furniture market is not an exception.


Cons of New Office Furniture

  • Price – even the most essential new office furniture items are significantly more expensive than their pre-owned analogues. Statistically, contemporary office furniture will cost you at least 20% more than used analogue in the same condition;
  • Lack of information – office furnishing is a significant investment. Only collect all available reviews and opinions about each item a business can make a truly informed decision. Buying used chairs, office desks or looking for second-hand office furniture near your business, you will instantly find numerous reviews, recommendations and tips from fellow entrepreneurs. With new furniture, you always buy a pig in a poke due to a lack of objective information.
  • Inefficiency – While used office desks or any other pieces of second-hand office furniture usually come assembled and adjusted, new items will require a lot of attention, skills and energy from you before you will be able to use them. Most British businesses admit that they had to hire additional assistance to put their new office furniture in operation. In other words, prepare for additional costs and a waiting period.


Used Office Furniture

Today you may find dealers of used office furniture in London, Your, Birmingham or any other city or small town of the United Kingdom. They claim that their pre-owned office chairs, second-hand desks and bookshelves are much better for your business despite their sometimes astonishingly low prices.

Let`s see whether it is so.


Cons of Used office furniture

  • A lottery element – sometimes pieces that might have looked perfect on display disappoint you as soon as you receive them in your office. This unfortunate tendency appears to be the biggest dealbreaker for the British market of used furniture. However, once you address a credible and reliable dealer, you get comprehensive customer service and warranties, just like a new furniture purchase.
  • Restricted supply – when you buy used office desks or second-hand chairs, you won`t be able to receive more than the dealer has in the inventory or make a particular order. Once they are sold, they are sold, and there is nothing to do with the fact that you need a couple more identical items. However, used office furniture sales in the United Kingdom are constantly growing, allowing you to choose from a more extensive range of options and alternatives.


Pros of Used Office Furniture

  • Budget-thinking – Used office furniture will come up cheaper than any new analogue. Eventually, your business may buy more equipment on the same budget or retarget the money using them on marketing, product development and more.
  • Better quality for less money – With its lower prices, the British used office furniture market allows you to get better quality items for your business. With used office furniture options, you get a chance to acquire branded fashionable and advanced office chairs, desks and more. Such furnishing will instantly brush up the image of your enterprise.
  • Availability and choice – today, you can find second-hand office furniture near you in numerous physical locations or go online and choose from limitless options all over the United Kingdom. A reputable and credible dealer will provide you with high-quality items while taking responsibility and care for safe and efficient delivery straight to your location.


It is up to each business whether to choose new or used office furniture. However, after considering all the pros and cons of the British office furniture market, you will make a truly informed decision, most beneficial for the business in general, its every employee and customer.