Mistakes to avoid buying second hand office furniture

Buying second hand office furniture has its apparent benefits for all kinds of businesses. The first thing that comes to mind is that buying pre-owned office furniture can save some money. However, it also helps:

However, just like with any investment into the business assets, you should be careful while buying used office furniture, so the disappointment from low quality would not spoil the joy from all the befits listed above.

In this article, we shall talk about fundamental mistakes many people make while buying second-hand office furniture and explain how your business can easily avoid them.


Impulsive purchase

Pre-owned furniture has gone through a certain exploitation period and may have some issues that naturally appear due to ware down. Reputable sellers always examine their second hand furniture pieces before offering them to customers, eliminate possible issues or at least declare them.

Hoping to save even more time, sometimes people buy second hand office furniture impulsively without thorough examination and try out. While some defects and ware-off issues may be minor and affect nothing except for the exterior, others can become serious safety issues.

It is crucial to address fair and credible second hand office furniture dealers and examine each piece thoroughly before purchasing.


Judging office furniture by the looks

Of course, the exterior of your office furniture is essential. However, the perfect visual condition of pre-owned office furniture does not guarantee its safety and quality.

It is crucial to check all the mechanisms of each piece, such as wheels, turning, lifting gears, etc.; even the most good-looking piece may turn into an ultimate hazard once you or one of your employees gets injured at the workplace due to a faulty mechanism.


Not studying the market of used office furniture.

One of the main benefits of choosing second hand office furniture for your business is the fact that your choice is not restricted by the current collection of a particular shop or brand. The inventory is usually so vast that any business owner can find the perfect set of second hand office furnishing no matter how extravagant his tastes may be.

However, many people make the fundamental mistake of ignoring the real potential of the used office furniture market. They either deprive themselves of the chance to get their perfect and unique setup or switch directly to the new furniture market, losing all the benefits of the second-hand segment.

Make sure to ask your dealer about different variations and models, describe your demands and expectations and try to examine the whole inventory before making final decisions.


Customisation options

Another common mistake is to think that second hand office furniture cannot be adjusted or customised precisely according to your demands and expectations. In fact, you can do all the same manipulations with your used office desk or chair as you would with a new one.

Moreover, the fact that your office furniture has already been used and tried out by someone else means that all the possible manufacture defects or mistakes have been fixed, the mechanisms work perfectly. All you have to do is adjust your pre-owned office furniture piece according to your taste or ergonomics.


Buying used office furniture without a plan.

As we have already noted, affordable prices and a large variety of choices are the main reasons why second hand office furniture is so popular today. However, sometimes those apparent benefits can turn into a serious pitfall.

Once you don`t have a clear understanding of which pieces you need precisely or how you are going to arrange the available space, you may end up buying used office furniture chaotically, going with your heart and eventually wasting money on unnecessary pieces instead of saving it.

It is always best to have a determined list of the office furniture pieces you need. Also, make sure to study the floorplan of your office, do all the necessary measurements and think through the desired final workplace setup. In this case, you will enjoy all the benefits of buying second hand office furniture for your business without unnecessary spending and the risk of getting overwhelmed with choice.


Buying used hand office furniture can be an innovative financial solution for your business, a part of successful budget planning and investment into the business assets. However, it is essential to make informed decisions, study all available options and, of course, address reputable and experienced dealers to get the most from this opportunity avoiding all possible pitfalls.