So, you decided to invest in pre-owned office furniture. It might be one of the best financial decisions for your company. Anyway, you look at it, buying a second-hand office desk, chair, or any other pieces will save you a great deal of money, time and effort.

However, once you want to get the most out of your investment and enjoy all the benefits and opportunities the second-hand furnishing market has to offer, there are some advanced tips and tricks to learn.

And one of the main ones is when to buy your next second-hand office desk. You may be surprised, but even such a vast choice that the second-hand market has to offer varies greatly throughout the year.

Let's go over some market statistics and factors that influence the price of your next second-hand office desk to determine the best time to go on the market.


July is the best time to buy second-hand office furniture!

As easy as it is: there is one month in a year when all the laws of the market seem to work to your benefit. July appears to be the best month to buy a used office desk or any other massive piece of second-hand office furniture.

And here is why:

  • Bigger inventory. Traditionally new furniture collections are released by the end of summer. It means that those companies that plan massive refurnishing will put their used office desks, wardrobes and chairs on the market in June-July to spare space for new items;
  • The best time for a change. July is usually the month of vacations, which means that it is the best time to refurnish your workspace with the lowest impact on the efficiency of your business. That is why by July, the market is full of inventory. At the same time, you get some space for manoeuvring and refurnishing your office with used office desks;
  • New-season new motivation. Over 75% of office employees claim that they get inspired and motivated with office refurnishing. Getting yourself or your subordinates a desk right after the vacation season will instantly boost up involvement and motivation at the workplace. And used office desk can lets you do it saving the company's budget;
  • Fewer related risks and costs. Having to transport, store and install used office desks in winter or fall can be pretty risky due to rainfall and snow. Transportation companies tend to ask for more money for their services during those periods. At the same time, there are higher risks that your second-hand office desk will be damaged with mud, snow or water. July is statistically the driest month of the year, which makes it preferable for buying and transporting massive office furniture such as used office desks, chairs or wardrobes.


Buying used office desks year-round.

Everything mentioned above is pretty convincing. But does it mean that one can buy a quality second-hand office desk only in July?

Of course no! The second-hand office furniture market provides an opportunity for all businesses to get quality second-hand office desks and save a great deal of money year-round.

However, there are specific periods that can make your purchase even a better bargain:

  • Back to school. Fall is another great time to buy a used office desk. Furniture shops often offer great deals during this period, and people are massively selling their used office desks, making a place for new furnishing. Used office desks as well as office chairs are generally considered as "autumn" furniture pieces as they don't only come from business, but also students;
  • Holiday season. We all know that majority of businesses are hardly efficient during the holiday season. People mostly think about gifts for their beloved ones and plan family vacations. At the same time, the furniture market also appears to be pretty slow during that time. If you have to get an office desk in winter, it is always best to invest in a second-hand office desk during the Holiday season. You will manage to receive and install it with the least impact on the business operation, as hardly there will be any operation. And, of course, the prices of second-hand furniture market will be incomparably more attractive;
  • Follow local trends. It is essential that you feel local trends and manage to get the most out of them as long as you will most probably buy your second-hand office desk in your area. Businesses located in touristic regions are often most active in summer and tend to sell their assets off-season, making it the best time to buy your next used office desk. Sometimes a local crisis can make companies go out of business and sell their furniture.


Once you decided to buy used office desks or other second-hand furniture for your business, you have already made a smart financial decision. However, going a bit deeper into the matter and considering such peculiarities as sales, associated costs, and the impact of refurnishing will make you get the most out of your investment and enjoy its benefits fully.