A modern office chair is much more than a utility piece of furniture. The office interior plays a great role in the environment and overall mod of the workplace. It has become one of the fundamental success factors for a company. That is why businesses often hire professional designers and advisors that help to build a proper workplace setup.

An office chair also has an essential safety factor. A poor quality chair may suddenly collapse, causing injuries. It can be a reason for muscle strain and backaches that definitely don`t help office employees be most efficient and enthusiastic at work.

Of course, it is best to equip your office with quality ergonomic office chairs. But such items often cost a fortune, especially if you need o buy several.

Fortunately, there is a very reasonable and straightforward solution – second hand office chairs. This market is very developed in London, one of the world's business capitals. Today you may find used office chairs from top brands at surprisingly affordable prices.

However, some are reluctant to furnish their London offices with used chairs, especially if we are talking about companies that rent offices in such luxurious districts as The City or London Bridge.

In this article, we shall discuss the most common Pros and Cons of buying used office chairs in London today so you can make an informed decision and choose what fits your company best.

Pros of buying second hand office chairs in London

  • The Price – affordable pricing is the most obvious benefit of the second hand office chairs market. Here you can get an ergonomic chair from a world-famous brand that might be inaccessible with your company`s budget at a price comparable to those of popular mass-market brands. However, such chairs often outlive and definitely outperform seemingly analogue items from cheaper manufacturers;
  • Freedom – the market of used office chairs in London will definitely leave you with some money in your pocket. You can use those funds for other needs of your business or invest into customization and upgrade of the furniture that you bought to get the workplace setup of your dream;
  • The Choice – shopping for new office chairs, you are always restricted by the brand`s current collection. The inventory of second hand office chairs is much wider and allows you to find the perfect match for your office, providing designs and models from various brands and time periods in one place;
  • Saving Time – purchasing a new office setup, you sometimes have to wait for weeks or even months while your order is being assembled and shipped to you. Often from abroad. It may not be a problem if we are talking about an existing office that already has furniture and can continue working until the new items arrive. But what if we were talking about an emergency situation when your office chair collapsed and you simply don`t have a proper sitting at work? Or, maybe you are establishing a new office and cannot start working until the furniture arrives. In this case, used office chairs are the most rational Choice as they will arrive within a couple of days after the order saving you a great deal of Time;
  • Eco-friendly Solution – buying used office chairs in London is the best way to follow the “Green” trend of the modern business world and righteously say that your company is making sustainable decisions and supports zero-waste policies. Modern office chairs are made out of durable plastic, polyester, metal and other materials that cause a lot of harm to the environment when they end up in landfills. By recycling those chairs, you save the Planet!

Cons of buying used office chairs in London.

  • Marketized items – it may sometimes be hard to tell the real condition of a used office chair, especially if the seller put some effort into preparing it for the market. To avoid confusion, aim for famous brands and items. That way, you will know all the possible flaws and focus points of the used office chair that you are buying;
  • Re-branding – some sellers of used office chairs may go as low as changing the labels or putting the names of famous brands on cheap or counterfeit items. Make sure to address reputable dealers and “do your homework” before making the purchase and research the item you are planning to buy;
  • No warranty – last but not least is the warranty concern. Indeed, most used office chairs that you will find on the market have already outlived their warranties. However, many credible sellers offer their own warranties on the second-hand items in their inventory. There are also high-end luxury brands that provide lifetime warranties for their ergonomic office chairs.

It is up to you whether to choose new or second hand office chairs for your London office. In any case, it is essential to research the seller and items you are planning to buy and pay close attention to the condition and functionality of your future office chair. That way, you will manage to get the most out of your decision.