Kings Office Furniture was approach by yet another fintech startup with the request of providing comfortable workspace within a budget. The order consisted of two bench desk pods of 8 and two pods of 6. Additionally each workstation required a chair and a pedestal.

The customer went ahead with our recommendation and decided to go with white desktops on graphite frames, complimented by graphite mobile pedestal and Used Nomique Remi Mesh Back Office Chairs which costs only £79 +VAT (and as of the day of publishing this post, we still hae 18 in stock!)

Even though Brixton Road tends to be very busy in mornings, our team arrived on site just before 9. One quick van unload later, all the part were laid out on the floor, ready to be assembled.

Building second hand bench desks is what we do all day everyday, and his one was no different. Since there were three lads, building all the furniture, the job was completed just in time for lunch. Here are some photos:

Brixton office at the beginning of the job
Parts of second hand office desks preapered to be assembled in Brixton office
first two batches of second hand bench desks already assembled in an office in Brixton
Brixton office fully furnished with second hand office furniture