Even the most minimalistic office needs certain office furniture essentials. No wonder the office furniture market is growing and developing exponentially, offering customers new models and trends every year.

However, this growth is fraught with certain drawbacks, which are pretty common for our modern consumers' society. Overproduction and overconsumption are the biggest threats to the environment. The trend of buying second-hand office chairs and desks might be a perfect answer for this raising issue and a solution that would help you righteously call your company an ethical, eco-friendly business.

In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of furnishing your office with used office furniture and explain how a second have office desk can help you preserve the budget and reputation of your business simultaneously.


Becoming an eco-friendly business

Whether you are just starting your company or the business has existed on the market for a while, you are definitely aware of how important it is to position yourself as an ethical, environmentally aware business today.

Companies that adjust their policies or claim from the very beginning to take care of the environment and watch over their footprint naturally gain more trust from customers and investors today. In the era or visible consequences of global warming and ocean pollution, people, as well as whole governments, try to do their best to take our impact on nature under control and invest their money and trust into proactive businesses that promote ethical operation.

A business that is serious about becoming eco-friendly introduces relevant practices and solutions into its every operation stage. It is exactly what draws people's attention and wins their trust.

Considering used office chairs and desks for your company's workspace setup is one of those eco-friendly solutions. The office furniture market is extremely wasteful. Every year European businesses throw away over 12 tons of office furniture pieces. 

The modern furniture market is particularly resource-intensive. At the same time, it uses a lot of synthetic materials. It means that being the main reason for deforestation, wasted office furniture that ends up in landfills becomes a dangerous source of environmental pollution. 

Each business that chooses to get used office chairs and desks for its employees makes a tremendous impact on the reduction of this massive ecological footprint.


Benefits of used office furniture for your business

  • End Deforestation. Naturally, furniture manufacture is the main reason for deforestation. While today there are office furniture brands that use materials received from ethically managed forests, buying a used office desk would be a simpler and cheaper solution for a business that does not want to contribute to deforestation;
  • Manage Plastic Production. Lion`s share of office furniture either made of plastic entirely or contains lots of plastic details. Over 8 million tons of plastic are being dumped every year. When you decide to buy used office chairs for your employees, you help to manage plastic production and waste. 
  • Reduce Carbon Emission. Most new office furniture sold in shops and online today is manufactured overseas. It means that along with deforestation and manufacturing pollution, it includes massive carbon emissions from long-distance transportation. When you buy used office desks from a local business, you help solve the problem and dramatically minimize carbon emission from your purchase.

All the benefits listed above will help to build a public image of your company as an environmentally aware and ethical business that deserves people's attention. 

However, at the same time choosing used office desks over new furniture for your business, you instantly enjoy numerous additional benefits for your business:

  • Save money – naturally, second-hand ergonomic hairs will be much cheaper than the new ones. It means that you can enjoy all the benefits of high-quality office furniture from world-leading brands even if you have a pretty restricted budget;
  • Save time – By buying used office desks, you spend much less time waiting for your order to arrive. Also, used office desks usually come assembled and ready to use, which is another time-saver;
  • Enjoy the variety – although the office furniture market is developing rapidly, offering new models and trends every year, the inventory of any second-hand office dealer is always wider than the choice in any new furniture shop. By choosing used office chairs, you have more chances to find exactly what you are looking at in one place.


Buying used office desks and chairs is the most eco-friendly way to create a perfect office setup for your company. It is a significant step that will help to make your business more ethical and therefore help you build a solid reputation of a credible modern company with bright perspectives in the future.

At the same time, used office furniture has numerous practical benefits; it helps your company save money, time and effort and focus those priceless resources on much more significant things for the business.