Online shopping has become most popular due to the most recent quarantine restrictions. Not only it provided people access to their customary goods even when shopping malls and retail points had to close, but it saved businesses and discovered a new operation field.

However, buying groceries, cosmetics and clothes through online shops and another is to buy used office furniture online. There are so many parameters that you need to consider and examine before the purchase that buying a used office desk through an online store seems like a pretty risky idea.

However, more and more experts claim that buying office furniture online, especially refurbished office chairs and desks, is not only the most efficient, comfortable and safer but also an eco-friendly way to arrange your workplace setup.

In this article, we collected the essential tips that will help you make an informed decision and benefit most from the opportunity of buying your next office desk online.


Know the seller

Modern online market of used office furniture is exceptionally vivid. However, there are always specific names that would appear to be most recognizable in your region. It is essential to research the seller before making the purchase.

You can do so through a basic Google search, local forums or social media. The trend of buying used office desks and chairs is thriving. Therefore, there is a strong chance that fellow business owners can advise you of specific dealers and warn against others.

The seller’s reputation is a vital component of your guarantee that the used office desks and chairs you will buy will be high-quality, and you will enjoy comprehensive customer service.


Where to look for used office furniture online?

There are two types of used office furniture sellers online:

  • Businesses that deal second hand refurbished office furniture;
  • Private sellers.

If you buy from an online store, big chances you are dealing with a dealer or office furniture liquidator. There are several advantages of buying from such sellers online:

  • Having broader inventory, they offer an extensive choice of refurbished office desks and chairs;
  • Professionals often set competitive prices;
  • You receive a comprehensive consultation and customer service before and after the purchase;
  • It is easier to research such sellers and collect honest reviews about their work and inventory.

However, there are certain benefits of buying from private sellers also. You may find them on numerous second-hand sales portals, social media, local WhatsApp chats, etc.

Here is why you may prefer buying from a private seller:

  • Most of them are not too principal about the price. You can always bargain and significantly reduce the price tag;
  • Non-professionals often don’t know the actual value of their second-hand office desks and chairs, and their asking price appears lower than the dealers`;
  • Most private sellers are business owners who had to shut down due to the ongoing crisis. By buying from them, you help them pay their debts or minimize losses.

However, it is essential to set your priorities. Yes, you may find a true gem in social media and buy a branded refurbished executive desk for a couple of hundreds. However, you will have to invest significant time and effort into the research, negotiation and delivery.


Questions you need to ask the seller before buying a used office desk online.

Whether you decide to buy from an online store, a liquidator or a private seller, there are several questions you should ask before making the purchase:

  • How do you describe the desk? Those descriptions may be pretty vague and subjective, but they can tell you a lot about the condition and true nature of your used office desk. For example, “out of the box” may mean that the item is almost new, but the previous owner decided to sell or replace it for some reason. “Refurbished” or “pre-owned” office desks are usually well-adjusted and maintained pieces of furniture that will serve you for many years just like they did for the original owner;
  • What is the return policy? You must know for sure the procedure and conditions of return. Some sellers accept the furniture back easily; others have a list of reasons that foresee a return;
  • Has the office table gone through any additional adjustments? Some owners add storage options or customize office furniture. You should be aware and consider them before the purchase;
  • Does the used office furniture come assembled or in parts? Once it is completed, you need to make sure that it will go through all passages in your office quickly. Once your used office table comes in parts, you should either research the assembly instructions or consider professional assistance. It can take some more time and money before you will be able to use your office desk.

Buying used office furniture online can save you a lot of time and money. However, you should pay attention, research the seller and particular model of the executive desk or office desk you are buying and consider all possible additional costs and investments you may have to make. That way, you will benefit most from the opportunity to buy your used office desk online.