Is your business in Cardiff in need of of new office furniture? We can supply any amount of second hand office furniture to give you what you need and to save you money. Used office furniture obviously comes with a benefit of reduced price, but it also has another big benefit. When office furniture is sold to be used again it gets another life, which means it is not going to become waste. Additionally, when you buy used office furniture, there is no need to manufacture that set, so energy and materials are saved. This is a win-win situation. Coming back to the money saving factor though. When you are buying second hand office furniture, you can afford products from high-end brands, that are beyond budget of most businesses. This way you can get extra-comfortable chairs for your crew or a stylish set of seating for your reception area. Often we stock some second hand designer office furniture which might give your office that extra layer of panache.

Used office chairs in Cardiff

If your Cardiff office needs office chairs, the best thing to do is to see our used office chairs section. You can't go wrong when you buy from a reputable used office furniture dealer. We give 12 months warranty on every chair we sell. We stock all the high end brands of chairs, Herman Miller, Humanscale, Orangebox, Sidiz, Giroflex and many many more.

Used office desks Cardiff

Office desks are the most important part of office furniture. Considerable savings can be made when buying second hand office desks, as opposed to brand new. Most office desks we sell are indistinguishable from new, so paying extra makes no sense. Especially since it is very likely Kings Office Furniture will deliver & install your furniture cheaper than vendors of brand new. Just give us a ring for free on 0800 6522 809 and see for yourself!

Used office storage

It is very difficult to maintain good housekeeping in an office without proper storage. We offer second hand office storage in all colour finishes to match any office decor you currently have. We stock large quantities of pedestals, office cupboards, bookcases and filing cabinets.



Whether your office is on the outskirts of Cardiff, in Tredegarville, Plasnewydd or Newtown, we can delivery and install used office furniture at your premises. To get a price for the service, just give us a ring on our freephone 0800 6522 809, and we will give you a quote. We will ask you questions about your parking arrangements, which floor is your office, whether there is a lift and such. After that you will know exactly how much money you can save on used office furniture for your Cardiff office today!