Used office furniture is a great way to set up your office without spending large sums. Compared to brand new, second hand office furniture offers up to 80% reduction of costs. The quality of the product is brilliant since we carefully select all the furniture we sell, we make sure it is clean and in full working order. On top of that we include 12 months warranty on every single item we sell. You can't go wrong when buying used office furniture from a reputable seller, such as Kings. Additionally, reusing office furniture is a great benefit for the environment. Just one second hand office workstation (chair, desk, pedestal) saves 160-200 kilograms of CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. Save your money, save the planet, and feel great about it, you've earned it! check out our used office furniture collection to know what our latest stock is.

Used office chairs

Have you ever looked at high end office chairs? What is the best office chair money can buy? Now you can find out for yourself. This is not a joke. We sell top brands of office chairs at a fraction of their price new. Your employees could be sitting on Herman Miller, Orangebox, Steelcase, Giroflex and other top brand chairs, at a price of Chinese no-name chair. And you get 12 months warranty. Sounds good? Head to our used office chairs section to see what's currently available.

Used office desks

Buying desks for your office can sometimes be costly. This is why the best way to save some money on the process is to buy second hand office desks. In the UK, office desks are subject to strict standards, which require office furniture to be highly durable. Because of this, office desks are made so strong, they usually live longer than the original business that purchased them new. Click in to our desks section to see our current stock.

Used office storage

Office storage is key to keeping your office tidy and your business running smooth. You can't just have all the paperwork, stationery and electronics. We stock large amounts of second hand office pedestals, cupboards, bookcases and filing cabinets. Please see our used office storage collection for currently available items.

Second hand designer office furniture

Sometimes we come by very rare, designer office furniture. Limited edition items, special collections, products designed by renown furniture makers, manufactured to the highest standard out of best material. Such furniture often costs many thousands for a single item. We sell them at very good prices, so if you check out our designer seating section from time to time you might score yourself a nice piece.