Buying second hand office furniture for your Barking and Dagenham offices can be a savvy thing to do. Many London businesses already joined the trend, as there are numerous benefits to recirculated office furniture. We will explain them below and also provide information on how to get the best deal on second hand office furniture.

Benefits of used office furniture.

As we said, there are many benefits to setting up your office with preloved furniture. The largest and most obvious one is cost savings. You can reliably expect 70-80% lower cost of furnishing your offices with second-hand furniture than with brand new. There are a couple of factors causing this, but the most blunt of them is what applies to all new products. How much value does a new car loose once you drive it out of the dealership? Among other factors, the same applies here.

Availability of office furniture

While all the popular brand new office furniture is available right away, there are items that will require longer lead times. These are items that can't be stored flat-packed. Such items are usually made to order, therefore (especially now) their lead times might be extended. Also, any customisations (especially for office chairs) increase the wait. Second hand office furniture is always readily available. No dealer advertises items they don't have already in their warehouse. So if you want to move quick, there is no faster furniture than used office furniture.

Environmental impact of second hand office furniture

Barely anyone outside the industry connects office furniture with pollution, but it is an industry nevertheless and so it does use energy, emits gases and produces waste. Production of every new 6 people bench desk causes the emission of 228kgs of CO2. Every new task chair emits another 72 kgs of CO2 (These are averaged values, estimated by FIRA, in their report). Every new piece of furniture produced adds to our pollution. We are not saying production of office furniture should be stopped. What we are saying is the recirculating second hand office furniture slows down the pollution. If you want to boast your London office as green and environmentally conscious, used office furniture can be a great feature.

Where to find second hand office furniture near Barking and Dagenham?

There are many ways to go about buying office furniture but most likely the best one is to order from Kings Office Furniture. We offer full delivery & installation service across London and UK nationwide. Everything we sell comes with 12 months warranty. Just give us a ring for free on 0800 6522 809 and we will sort out everything for you. Our experienced team has been supplying London businesses with used office furniture since 1999. We have thousands of satisfied customers and great reviews to show for it.
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